2019 Where to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape?

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Where to apply blush is a question that is frequently asked. Have you ever had a makeup day where you just don’t look “right?” Everyone has those off days—even professionals! Sometimes you can’t blend your eyeshadow out correctly or you must reapply your winged eyeliner waaaaay too many times to count. Talk about frustrating. It even happens to us here at Elizabeth Mott! You would’ve never guessed, huh?

Today, and every day, we’re here to make your life a little easier—one product at a time. Ask yourself: what’s the one makeup product I use that just pulls the entire look together? For us, it’s blush. It makes all the hard work worthwhile! And to keep those Bad Makeup Days down to a minimum, we have a few tricks up our sleeve, just for you.

The age-old questions: where do I apply blush? How do I apply it? How do I avoid looking like a clown? All valid questions. Blush, like highlighter, draws the eye towards it, so you want to be careful where you dust it on. Identifying and knowing your face shape helps with this. There are handy dandy apps out there that can help with this.

Blush for a sweet flush

Before we get to that, you might be asking: “but what is blush actually used for?!” Don’t fret, friend. Blush is commonly used to give the skin a glowing, more youthful appearance that also highlights the cheeks. Ever have a friend ask if you’re feeling sick on a day you went makeup free?  Blush will ward off people who are “worried” about your health.

 Round Face

On a round face, dust it along your cheekbones to your ear. This will make your face look slimmer. Hot tip: if you want your face to appear longer, place some blush on your chin (just a dab) and blend out!

Heart Face

For a heart-shaped face, apply it just below the apples of your cheeks and blend it out to your hairline. Heart-shaped faces can appear slightly pointy, so blending from the apples to the hairline softens the face overall. You can also add blush to the center of your forehead and over your templates to balance everything out.

Oblong Face 

An oblong face is basically the same as the heart-shaped face. Apply rouge just below the cheekbones to the outer corner of your eyes. Make sure that you do not blend it out to your hairline and that the blush doesn’t extend past the tip of the nose.

The Right Rouge for the Right Mood

Choosing a blush shade that suits your complexion is also helpful when it comes to applying blush. The general rule is to use a shade based on your skin’s undertones. But here at Elizabeth Mott, we want you to live your best life, so use the color that you love! Makeup is inclusive to all aesthetics and should be something fun that makes you feel your most confident. If you want to rock green blusher, then go for it! You may have to deal with people asking if you’re related to the Grinch, but dammit you’re having a blast, and that’s what’s important.   

Light Pink Blush                           

Peachy pink blush         Coral Blush

If you want a more natural flush, Elizabeth Mott offers three super creamy, super sexy powder blushes for you! The long-lasting formula goes from day to night and looks perfectly natural and flattering. Infinitely blendable and bold, but never overpowering. Not to mention they’re creamy and dreamy with an iridescent glow for a healthy flushed look. They’re also buildable, so you won’t have to worry about looking a bit too rosy. Everyone will ask why you’re absolutely-peachy and glowing. Go ahead and show ‘em your cheeks!                       

All colors--soft pink, peach pink, and bright coral—and are cruelty-free. They contain conditioning color pigment polymers, which make the formula sweat and oil resistant.

          Best Blush for Pale SkinBest Pinky Peach Blush

 Best Coral Blush

 So, from dusk to dawn your healthy, rosy glow will last.  Put your faith in the powder for it will not clump, melt, nor require a touch up, so you can keep on exploring life as its’ light-reflecting pearl particles bring out your natural glow.  Show the world a cheeky smile or two 😉

Pink Blush ColorBest Peachy Pink BlushCoral Blush Color

Blend, baby, blend!

Blush can get tricky, to carefully avoid that clownish-look (but we also support clown makeup artists) blend out your blush to where it melts seamlessly into the skin. You can use makeup brushes, or even your fingers! It’s all about preference. Just remember: blending is key.

When you apply blush correctly, it makes the world go ‘round! Your makeup look comes together, you have a healthy glow, and you’re ready to take on the day. It’s all about balance, baby. Go on and show them your cheeks!


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