How to Layer Mascara

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Mascara is easily one of the most essential makeup products you can use on a daily basis. Most mascaras are either lengthening, or volumizing, but what if you’re looking for both? The good news is, it’s actually really easy to combine them, and layer your mascara for a look that adds both volume and length to your lashes. This is how to layer mascara for the best and boldest look yet!

What mascara should I use?

Choosing a mascara can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara and our It’s So Long Lengthening Mascara, are great to combine for a look that brings both length and volume. Both mascaras use a flexible tubing polymer formula that actually coats your lashes for a look that can easily be layered. The most layers of either one you use, the more you build up those polymers, making it easy to combine mascaras for the look you want.

How to layer mascara

How do I layer my mascara?

It’s important to start with one type of mascara, and then add the other, so we recommend starting with 1-2 layers of either lengthening or volumizing, and then adding 1-2 layers of the other! This will give you a good starting point, so you can decide after if you want more length, more volume, or a little bit more of both.

It’s also not a bad idea to utilize a tool like our Lash Card to help you apply your mascara, without risking raccoon eye, or smudging! 

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Will my mascara last all day?

With our It’s So Big and It’s So Long Lengthening Mascaras, you can guarantee that your look will stay in place all day, so there’s no need to carry around two mascaras with you! These mascaras are water and sweat proof, which means you can go on that hike, swim in the ocean, or even cry during a sad movie, and your look will stay in place. To remove, simply use warm water, and a little soap or cleanser to gently get ready for bed.

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