How to Make Eye Makeup Last All Day

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There’s nothing like a bold eye, but there’s also nothing as frustrating as having to reapply makeup that’s worn off throughout your day. This means carrying products around with you everywhere you go--to work, to school, even out with your friends. So, what’s the trick to getting eye makeup to last all day? Luckily, we pride ourselves on having products that truly last all day, but these are our favorite tips and tricks for getting makeup that truly sticks!

How to Make Eye Makeup Last All Day

Use a primer

Using an eye primer is the best way to help eyeshadow stick to your lids. Our Thank Me Later Eye Primer is ideal for helping to smooth out your lids and create the best blank canvas for any bold shadow you’re trying to use. It can also help eyeshadows to stay put for much longer, so you don’t have to reapply your look throughout your day.

Choosing eyeshadows that stay in place

One of the best ways to get your makeup to stay put is to choose products that are specifically made to stay all day. Our Pop! Goes the Shadow and Natural Palette Eyeshadows are both great choices, allowing you to decide whether you want to go bold or more neutral for your look. Both products are designed to be waterproof (meaning sweatproof and cry-proof too!), helping you to go throughout your day not worrying about your makeup!

Long lasting eyeshadow

Mascara made to coat your lashes

Whether you’re going for a bold, volumized lash look, or an extra long lash, our It’s So Big and It’s So Long Mascaras are here to help. Both mascaras use flexible tubing polymers to actually coat your lashes, making it easy to get layers, and combine mascaras for extra length and volume. Both mascaras are also waterproof, making it easy for them to stay put.

Long lasting mascara

How do you remove waterproof eye makeup?

So, your makeup is waterproof, which is great for when you want it to stay all day, but what about when you want to take it off? We always suggest using soap and warm water to remove makeup gently. Try using a cotton pad, your favorite cleanser (we love our sister company’s Aloe E Cleanser for gentle washing), and warm water to help you remove any eye makeup you’re working with.

Want to add even more to your look? Try our Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil!

Disclaimer: May cause irritation. Stop use and contact a dermatologist if prolonged irritation or allergic reaction occurs.

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