About Us

Once Upon Time... So Walk Me Through Your Resume... Who is the mystery, Elizabeth Mott?

After spending years of working in the fashion industry, and fixing everyone else's fashion problems, I noticed that it left me very little time to focus on my own fashion and beauty routine. I had such little time to get ready in the mornings, that I became creative with ways that gave me max results in as little time possible.

Living the on-the-go, Fashionista lifestyle in New York City had its perks, but the long hours meant that I couldn’t go home to freshen up before going out. This made it tough to re-apply my makeup at the office (let’s just say the fluorescent lighting in the company bathroom was NOT my BFF when I tried to re-apply mascara after a 12 hour work day during Fashion Week).

I went through hundreds of products, trying to find the perfect mascara, the perfect eye shadow, the perfect eye liner that gave me max results with minimal time spent trying to fix the smudging, clumping and other makeup messes. The never-ending search for the “perfect product”, was the genesis for starting my beauty brand.

XOXO, Alice K.
Elizabeth Mott, Founder

Alice K. The Founder

The Early Years

  • Rhode Island School of Design, Jewelry Design
  • Designed for brands such as Forever 21, Macy’s and Claire’s Boutique

The Transition

  • Enjoyed creating beautiful jewelry, but yearned for something more
  • Traveled the world to get inspiration
  • Realized that I wanted to learn about the business side of fashion

Back to School

  • Parsons School of Design, Fashion Merchandising
  • Internships at luxury brands such as Mulberry, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein

Fashion Professional in New York City

  • Merchandising for apparel brands such as Aeropostale and Club Monaco

The Dilemma

  • work + yoga + going out = hard to find time to keep the flawless makeup look

The Solution!

  • Form a company that focuses on time-saving fashion and beauty products

Because Everyone Deserves To Look Good,
Even if you don't have time!

Elizabeth Mott. The Company.

Founded in 2009 in New York City, Elizabeth Mott LLC is a beauty company to great products such as Lash Card and It's So Big volumizing mascara.

The company name, Elizabeth Mott, combines two famous New York City streets Elizabeth Street and Mott Street. These streets are part of the trendy shopping district of NoLita (North of Little Italy). I spent a lot of time in NoLita finding inspiration from getting lost in the fashion boutiques and people watching.