Can You Use a Primer Without Foundation?

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If you’re just figuring out your daily makeup routine, you might feel just a bit overwhelmed with the steps it takes to create the look you want. When it comes to those first steps, what order should you apply your products? Can you use a primer without foundation? If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone, and we’re happy to help you to understand makeup better, so that you can step into your new makeup routine with confidence!

Should you apply primer or foundation first?

Your primer’s job is exactly that: to prime your face for the rest of your makeup! Primer should always be the first product you apply during your makeup routine, even if you’re using foundation. Using both can be a great way to truly prep your face for a full face of makeup, but you don’t always have to use foundation!

Primer without foundation

Can you use primer without foundation?

You can absolutely use a primer all on its own! Part of the job of a makeup primer is to create the perfect blank canvas for your face! This involves smoothing out any imperfections, and making it easier for makeup to be applied, and easier for your makeup to stay on all day, no matter what you’ll be doing.

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What primer should I use?

We love our Thank Me Later Primer for this. It’s super lightweight, easy to apply, and comes in both a mattifying and illuminating version. That means you can choose whether you want to add more shine or more matte to your look right from the start. This can also help if you have generally shiny or dry skin. This primer is anti-greasy, allowing your skin to breathe all day long, as it brightens and enhances your look effortlessly.

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