How to Fill in Eyebrows for Beginners

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Eyebrows are one of those essential parts of any makeup routine, but if you’re new to doing your makeup, you might feel overwhelmed by tackling your eyebrows for the first time. We love helping out beginners, and we love talking about eyebrows, so let’s dive right in, so that you can figure out what products you need, and how to use them!

What products should I use for my brows?

The first thing you need to look for is a good brow gel! This is the ideal product for you to use for filling in your brows. We recommend our Queen of the Fill Brow Gel for filling in your brows. It’s easy to apply, lightweight, and comes in a variety of shades so that you can choose the one that looks the most natural for you. It’s important to find the one that matches your natural brow color the best so that it blends in well and works with your natural skin tones and hair color.

How to fill in thin eyebrows for beginners

What brushes should I use?

Our Small Angled Brush is perfect for helping beginners to shape your brows. One side is an angled brush made of densely packed bristles that can help you to apply brow product. The other side is a spoolie, which helps to blend products, and move hair into place so that your brows can form the perfect shape. This brush is simply a tool to use to help you apply products, and it can make it so much easier to do your brows.

Fill in brows

How do I apply brow gel?

To apply brow gel, you’ll want to swipe it onto your brows similarly to how you would apply mascara. Make sure you’re coating each of your hairs, and then use your Small Angled Brush to perfect it and fill in any spots you may have missed.

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