Where to Apply Blush on a Mature Face

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It’s no secret that our faces change as we get older, just as our bodies do. This means that, just as you might be changing your skincare routine, you’ll want to adjust how you apply makeup as well. Blush is an essential makeup product that many people use on a daily basis to bring out warmth and a sweet pinkness in your face. Where should you apply blush on a mature face? What is different from applying blush when you were younger? Let’s dive into it and learn about how we can adjust your routine to be more accommodating to your beautiful new age!

Blush for mature skin

Where should I apply blush on a mature face?

The thing about aging skin is that it tends to droop more as we get older. It’s important that you don’t apply blush too low, or too high, because blush is meant to give your face a lifting effect. Make sure you’re applying your blush about half an inch (or the width of a finger) away from your nose, mouth, and eyes, making it near the center of your cheeks. This is the ideal spot for your to start to apply blush, so that it still gives you the lifting affect you need.

Powder blush for mature skin

What blush should you use?

If you’re looking for an amazing powder blush to use for your daily makeup routine, try our Show Me Your Cheeks powder blush. This creamy blush comes in three colors: peach pink, soft pink, and bright coral. It’s creamy, buildable, and iridescent, so that you can use it in any daily makeup look, allowing your face to gain some natural-looking glow that brings out your unique beauty.

How to apply blush

How do I apply blush?

Once you figure out what blush to use and where to apply it, it’s time to actually start incorporating it into your routine. You’ll want to curve the blush upwards toward your temple, and make sure that you aren’t smiling too much while applying the blush, so that you don’t alter the location of your cheeks too much. This will help you to actually create a natural glow in the best place for your face shape.

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