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Whether you’re new to makeup or a seasoned pro, we could always use helpful tips when it comes to our beauty routines. While some makeup products such as lip balm and lip crayons may seem straightforward, items such as eyeliners and eye pencils are definitely one of the trickier products to master. When it comes to eye makeup, you want to be precise and ensure you’re working with a reliable product that will make your eyes look oh-so-glam. Eyeliner, in particular, can be confusing to use when you’re just starting out given the number of ways you can apply an eye pencil. Think: smoky eyes, barely-there liner, and winged eyeliner. If you’re feeling lost on how to use an eye pencil, don’t fret! Here at Elizabeth Mott, we’re all about supporting you to look and feel your best with the help of makeup. Keep reading for our top tips on how to use an eyeliner pencil. 

Prep Your Eyes With Primer

Before you start using any eye makeup, you want to make sure you prep your eyes with an eye primer. A primer will help other makeup products such as eyeshadow stay put on your lids all day long. Our Thank Me Later Eye Primer is a cruelty-free primer that helps to enhance your makeup and lock in eye makeup.The lightweight formula works to prevent creasing and leaves you with a non-greasy feeling. We recommend using a pea-sized amount of the primer on your eyelids. Once it’s dry, apply your favorite eyeshadow! 

Choose An Eyeliner Color 

Next up? Choosing an eyeliner color! Whether you want to go with a pop of color or a subtle look, you want to make sure your eyeliner matches your skin tone and highlights your eyes. For everyday wear, we recommend choosing a classic shade for your eyeliner that will complement the rest of your makeup. Our Smooth Shadow Eye Pencil comes in three gorgeous shades: Pearl, Raven, and Penny. The Smooth Shadow Eye Pencil is a creamy and slightly shimmery eyeliner that easily glides on thanks to its natural oil base. This long-lasting, waterproof eye pencil is great for sensitive eyes, easy to blend, and can be used as either an eyeliner or eyeshadow! 

Apply Eyeliner To Upper Lid

After you’ve primed your eyes it’s time to apply your eye pencil! First step? Gently pull your eyelid taught to the side of your face. Remember: The skin around your eye area is delicate so you want to be extra careful! Next, draw a thin line with your eyeliner from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner. You can also draw a series of small dots along your lash line and connect them. If you want a thinner line, use the point of your eye pencil. For a thicker, dramatic appearance, use the side of your eye pencil. 

Apply Eyeliner To Lower Lash line

Now that your upper lid is done, you can focus on applying eyeliner to your lower lash line! Just like your upper lid, you want to carefully draw a line from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner. Top tip: If you want your eyes to appear larger, use a nude or white eye pencil for a subtle effect. Again, you can choose to draw small dots along your lower lash line and connect them from there as you did for the upper lid. Going for a smoky look? Smudge your eyeliner with a black eye pencil for an ultra-glam appearance! 

Set Your Eyeliner

Once your eye makeup is finished, don’t forget to set everything in place! Makeup setting sprays work to seal your makeup and make it last all day long! Our Thank Me Later Makeup Setting Spray will work wonders on your eye makeup thanks to its long-lasting formula. We recommend closing your eyes and misting your face with the setting spray for a matte finish. One last tip when it comes to your eyeliner? Don’t forget to sharpen your eye pencil! You’ll be able to achieve neat and precise lines with an eyeliner that’s not dull! 

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