How To Keep Eye Makeup On

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If you’ve ever applied eye makeup before, you’re well aware there’s an art to layering each product and finding the perfect eyeshadow to match your skin tone. You’re also probably aware that your eye makeup doesn’t always last all day long, leaving you constantly running to the bathroom to touch up your look. When you dedicate a lot of time to applying your eye makeup, it’s no surprise you would want it to last throughout the day. Which is why we’ve gathered a few top tips to help keep your eye makeup on. If you have oily skin, in particular, it’s important to follow these steps to prevent your eye makeup from smudging. And while we know that your lips can become dry in the summer, you also want to ensure your eyeshadow and eyeliner doesn’t melt off during the warmest time of the year! 

Use A Primer On Your Eyes

When it comes to primer, there are a number of benefits such as combatting oiliness, locking in makeup, and prepping the skin. You also don’t want to forget your eye area when you’re using primer! The skin around your eyes, however, is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face, so you want to be extra careful when you’re priming the area around your eyes. You can do this by using a primer specifically made for your eye area. One of our best-selling products at Elizabeth Mott is the Thank Me Later Eye Primer. Our fan-favorite eye primer helps to enhance your eyeshadow and protect your makeup all day long. One of the best parts about our eye primer is the paraben-free formula with a sebum-controlling powder that combats oiliness. 

Don’t Forget The Setting Spray 

Settings sprays are a must-have beauty product when it comes to locking your makeup in place. By misting a setting spray over your entire face in a ‘X’ and ‘T’ motion, you’ll prevent your makeup (including your eye makeup!) from smudging throughout the day. Our Thank Me Later Setting Spray is a weightless mist that instantly sets a full face of makeup. It’s the perfect finishing touch to keep your eye makeup intact while you’re out and about. The Thank Me Later Setting Spray features a cruelty-free formula that produces a matte finish, leaving you worry-free about whether or not your eye makeup will melt off. 

Choose A Setting Powder

If setting sprays aren’t your thing, opt for a setting powder instead! Just like setting sprays, setting powders work to lock your makeup in place. By simply dusting setting powder on your face, you’ll remove excess oil and ensure that your makeup stays put throughout the day. Our Set For Life Setting Powder will help you feel ultra-fabulous by making your skin look smooth and vibrant. As for your eyes? The Set For Life Setting Powder can be used to set and bake under eyes. Trust us, your skin will look smooth and vibrant throughout the day!

Use the Right Makeup Brush To Apply Eyeshadow 

When it comes to making sure your eye makeup stays put, it’s important to use a good makeup brush when applying eyeshadow. For eyeshadow, you want to ensure your makeup brush features densely packed bristles and is the correct size for your eyelids. Our All Over Shadow Brush is a rounded and fluffy brush that will make applying your eyeshadow a breeze (it’s also great for blending!). As for eyeliner? Angled eyeliner brushes are best for achieving a winged eyeliner look. Our Small Angled Brush will give you a precise eye makeup and eyebrow look. Top tip: Don’t forget to wash your makeup brushes for best results! 

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