Top 10 Fall Makeup Looks & Trends For 2019

TOP 10 2019 FALL MAKEUP LOOKS & TRENDS by Elizabeth Mott

Elizabeth Mott is bringing to you the Top 10 2019 Fall Makeup Looks & Trends. First of all, can you believe it’s already fall? And soon to be winter?! Time flies when you have amazing makeup to play around with (obviously). Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Who doesn’t love the leaves changing colors, a warm PSL latte (I know, I know—a bit basic), and chilly days? Fall makeup looks are also to die for. We love a good plum lip and brassy gold eye. The possibilities are endless! 

In case you’re a makeup newbie or a seasoned beauty guru wanting to brush up, today we’re going to discuss the best of Fall 2019 makeup looks and trends. Strap in, beauties—we have a lot of ground to cover!  

1. Flat eye makeup look? Add a pop of glitter to liven it up.  

Here’s an easy eye makeup look that’ll make all your friends jealous: take Elizabeth Mott’s Basically, a matte brown shade from the Natural Palette, and apply it all over your lid and to your bottom lash line. Next, take Fizz, a shimmery copper color, and apply it to the middle of your eyelid. Wowee! 

Elizabeth Mott Natural Eyeshadow Palette

2. Switch up your entire look with a copper liner! 

A lot of people are scared to stray away from their holy grail black eyeliner. Why?! There’s sooooo much more out there for you, my friend! Take our Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencils—Penny is absolutely perfect for giving your eye look that umph you’re missing. Apply it to your top and bottom lashes, smudge it out, or even do a cat eye with Penny! The opportunities (and looks) are endless. 

3. Gold eyeshadows. Need we say more? 

You should go craaaazy with golds this fall. Goldy in our Pop! Goes the Shadow collection should and will become your go to. 

Elizabeth Mott pop! Goes the shadow in goldy shade

4. 90s lips are stiiiiill trending! 

Frosted lips and berry lipsticks are in, my friends. If you want to make a statement, you should take a look at our Color Is Bae Liquid Lipsticks. Soooo many options to pick from. You can easily frost those lips up, go berry, or even go more brown like a true 90s girl. 

5. Plum. Lipsticks. 

If you don’t love a good plum lip in the fall and winter, we can’t be friends. Sorry, I do make the rules. Plumsicle and Bright Violet from Color is Bae is a perfect, traditional fall lip look that’ll turn heads. 

 Elizabeth Mott Color is Bae Liquid Lipstick

6. Smokey eyes with…a pop of icy blue? What?! 

You heard me correctly. Grab Gunmetal from Pop! Goes the Shadow and apply it all over the lid. Next, apply Champagne to the inner corner of your eyes. Up next, the star of the show: Mermaid Teal! Apply it to the middle of your eyelids, then go conquer the world.

pop! Goes the shadow in shades gunmetal and mermaid teal eyeshadow

7. Warm lips. Mwah! 

Taking it back to the 90s for a moment—warm lips. Our shade, Nudist, from Color is Bae liquid lipstick, is the perfect…well, you know? Nude-y warm lip. If you’re more of a reserved person when it comes to lips, Nudist would be a perfect choice for you this fall! 

8. Smudge your shadow liner! 

So, pretty straight forward, right? You can take either Basically or Thundercloud from the Natural Palette, and smudge, smudge, smudge away! The point is to make the look messy but chic.

Use shadow as a liner from the Natural Palette by Elizabeth Mott

9. A bold eye with a clear lip gloss. 

Do you ever just think to yourself: “Man, I just really want my eyes to be the stars of the show today?” Well, if so, this trend will be your bestie until, well, at least the beginning of Spring! While Elizabeth Mott doesn’t currently have a clear lip gloss, our sister company, Hanalei, does! Use the Hanalei Lip Treatment in Clear to top off and finish your look. 

10. Peachy! For your eyes, lips, and cheeks! 

If you didn’t know, the peach emoji is basically our favorite emoji! For this look, you can use Peach Pink from Show Me Your Cheeks Blush for both your eyes and cheeks! Versatile, right? Once that’s all blended out, grab Hanalei’s Lip Treatment in Peach Pink for extra peachy and kissable lips. 

Elizabeth Mott Peach Pink Blush and Hanalei Company Lip Treatment Peach Pink

And there you have it! So many trends to try out, right?! If you have any more fall ideas or trendy, let us know! We always want and need an excuse to play with more makeup.

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