The Best Long-Lasting Cruelty Free Blush

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 Are you looking for the best cruelty-free Blush that actually long-lasting? Here at Elizabeth Mott, we love a socially aware makeup lover! That’s why we strive to create cruelty-free products and will continue to do so. While the United States is a little…behind on banning animal testing, plenty of other countries have made the switch, such as the EU, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, and many more!

 Let’s narrow down our discussion a little bit and focus on one of our favorite products: blush. Blush is awesome! It gives you a healthy glow and can give your look a quick pick-me-up with just a flick of your brush.

 Unfortunately, a lot of companies still use an ingredient called “carmine” in their blush to give it a flushed look. Carmine, if you didn’t know, is actually a pigment made from crushed cochineal insects…as much as we don’t like insects, we also don’t want them crushed up in our blushes! 

Luckily for you, all of our Show Me Your Cheeks Blushes don’t include one trace of insects. As science has shown, there’s plenty of other ways to get our favorite blush colors instead of harassing some poor bugs.

What Are The Best Blush Colors for Your Skin Tone? 

Are you wondering what are the best blush colors for your skin tone? It can be tricky, do you match your skin tone, your outfit, Your lipstick? Currently, we have three colors: Peach Pink, Soft Pink, and Bright Coral. Plenty of options, and all dazzling! Show Me Your Cheeks Blush is long-lasting, creamy, and buildable. We’ve all had those days where we’ve gone a little…overboard with our blush. So even if you were a little heavy-handed in the morning, you can blend it back down to the intensity that’s perfect for you.

We’re sure you’ve heard all the tips and tricks about blush (where to wear it on your cheeks, what color, what kind of finish—all of it!), so we won’t bore you with a ton of fluff! But matching your skin tone to your blush is important and once you tuck this little bit of information away, your next trip to the makeup store will be a breeze. 

So for fair skin tones, you’ll want to go for cool, neutral, or even light peachy hues. Soft Pink is perfect for fair skin tones! Medium complexions will want to reach for rosy-pink shades and deeper peaches, like Peach Pink. Dark skin tones will want the more colorful hues, like deep peach, rose, and reddish-purple shades. Bright Coral will get the job done!


We All Wonder - Is This Really Where I Should Really Put Blush?

We all wonder We all know or wonder if there is where I should really put blush? Like, right on the apple of your cheeks, right? That’s the only place you can put blush, right? Wrong! If you’re in a hurry or just want to brighten up your look, grab some of your blush and apply it to your eyelids (after some eye primer like Thank Me Later, of course). It’s a simple trick that perfects and pulls together this simple yet sunny look. 

Blush, for this writer, is the one product that tops off a look and pulls everything together. We all have our own holy grail products and tips of course. For some people, it’s the brows, the lips, or even their contour! But you can’t deny that blush is a timeless and classic product.

The makeup world has come a long way from using crushed bugs in blush—though some other companies still have yet to catch up! We’ll keep making bomb products without hurting animals in the process.

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