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The weather is going to start warming up and you want the best bronzer for glowing skin. Summertime is just around the corner, and you know what that means, right?! Beaches. Tropical paradise. Lazy days! Sun-kissed, healthy, and bronzed skin—without all those pesky sunburns.

We’re here to tell you (and show!) that you can get that bronzed look anywhere, anytime—and without the sun damage! You probably know by now that we have some amaaaazing beauty products, but sometimes people might ask themselves questions like, “why do I need to buy a bronzer when I can just go out and naturally tan?”

First off, while we love the sun (hello, Hawaii!), we don’t love the lasting damage it can do to your skin if you don’t protect it. We always use SPF, makeup or no, to avoid that pesky sun damage. In a lot of cases, “aging” is just really signs of sun damage throughout the years. We’re also not crazy about the high risk of skin cancer!

So, now that we’re off our soapbox…let’s get back to our bronzer, Whatup Beaches, the best bronzer on the market!

Matte vs Luminous Bronzer

What up Beaches comes in two shades: Matte and Luminous. While both are perfect and easy to use in their own ways, we’d recommend Matte for folks with skin that tends to get oily throughout the day and Luminous for our dry skin out babes. The Matte formula has minerals that absorb excess sebum (AKA oil) while Luminous can help your skin look healthy and dewy.

Matte vs Luminous Bronzer by Elizabeth Mott

And while the shade names are pretty self-explanatory, we think it’s pretty cool that we have a Luminous color that doesn’t have those big chunks of glitter in the formula! Chunky glitter has a time and place, but in our opinion…it’s not on your face!

Whatup Beaches Bronzer by Elizabeth Mott shown on model xojenniferle

The glitter we use is finely milled and pearlized, so it automatically makes your skin look smoother and radiant. Our Matte shade also is smooth and glowing, but just without the glitter. Matte and Luminous are also long-lasting, meaning you don’t need to worry about when your makeup’s running off today!

Before and after model photos of Whatup Beaches Bronzer

Which Bronzer Is Best For My Skintone?

Both are great for every skin tone as well. They’re buildable, smooth, and never clump. Have you ever tried to blend out a dry, clumpy bronzer? Don’t risk your poor blending wrist—it’s not worth it. Take it from us!

Whatup Beaches Luminous Bronzer by Elizabeth Mott

And while they’re buildable, you’ll never be left spending forever to achieve the color you want. For both shades, the formula contains conditioning pigment polymers that give it that radiant color payoff and smoooooth application. We love blendable bronzer.

Elizabeth Mott Cruelty-free Bronzer Swatches

Best of all, like we said before, Whatup Beaches gives your skin that healthy bronzed glow without stepping foot outside of your house! This means that even in the winter your friends will be asking when you had time to go on a tropical holiday and get so tanned. And you’ll let them all in on your secret! Share the wealth, of course!

 And there you have it! We love a glowing, radiant goddess. You only have one canvas in your lifetime (AKA your lovely face), do get to bronzing and applying your SPF!


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