Beginner Makeup Tips You Need to Know

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So, you want to start doing your makeup, or even start improving your makeup. Whether it’s to feel more confident in yourself throughout your day, to look more professional at work, or to prepare for a big event, if you’re new to makeup, you might find that learning to do your makeup can feel overwhelming. Here at Elizabeth Mott, we’re always trying to help people to find makeup more accessible, because we want everyone’s inner beauty to shine. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to makeup specifically for makeup tips for beginners, so that your beauty can shine through too.

Keep it Light: It’s Easier to Build Up Than to Take Away

When you’re first trying to figure out what your signature makeup look is going to be, it’s better to start off light and slowly build up to adding more products as you learn more than to go straight for a heavy makeup look. If you put on a lot of product and then decide you don’t love what you created, you might have to start over, but if you start off light and decide that you want a little bit more, it’s easy to add a little more product to your look.

Shimmer Eye Shadow

Use a Good Makeup Primer to Start Off Your Look

Before you start creating any look, it’s important to incorporate a good makeup primer. We love our Thank Me Later Makeup Primer for this. It’s lightweight, comes in both an illuminating primer, and a matte primer, and can help you to create the perfect smooth canvas for any look, while also helping your makeup to stay put all day long.

Try Good Multi-Use Makeup Products

We love incorporating good multi-use makeup products into our looks. One of our favorites is our Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow and Highlighter. This product can work as both a shimmery eyeshadow and a highlighter and acts as a versatile product you can use in any look!

Light Makeup Look

Begin with Neutral Colors and Slowly Experiment

When you’re a beginner, it’s a great idea to start learning with neutral colors and then slowly add in brighter colors and experiment more with bolder looks. For example, for a simple eyeshadow look, try learning with our Natural Eyeshadow Palette, and then once you feel confident working with that, add in some Pop! Goes the Shadow Eyeshadow colors for a bolder look.

Blend Your Eyeshadow and Your Face to Avoid Harsh Lines

When creating the perfect makeup look, make sure you’re blending your products together for a smooth look. This goes for eyeshadow and any contour, highlighter, blush, or bronzer you’re using too. We love our Blending Brush and All Over Shadow Brush for this, so that you can create soft transitions between your products.

Makeup blending brush

Pick the Right Kind of Mascara

So many beginners don’t know how to choose the perfect mascara for their lashes. If you want fuller lashes, go with our It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara. If you want longer lashes, choose our It’s So Long Lengthening Mascara. If you want both, feel free to combine them! They work great as a team!

Volumizing mascara

Set Your Look with a Makeup Setting Spray to Avoid Reapplication

Before you finish off your look, make sure you set your look with our Thank Me Later Setting Spray so that you don’t have to reapply your look as you move throughout your day. This lightweight spray is ideal for locking in any makeup look in one easy step, so that you can go throughout your day without having to touch up your new look.

Disclaimer: May cause irritation. Stop use and contact a dermatologist if prolonged irritation or allergic reaction occurs.

Want some extra security knowing that your makeup is set in place? Try our Set For Life Setting Powder!

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