What’s the Best Eyebrow Gel Color For Me?

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Eyebrows can be tricky, if you find yourself wondering what is the best eyebrow gel color for me, then we’re here to help! It’s no secret that stunning eyebrows are one of the top makeup trends of recent years. Because this is a fairly new, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of options available when it comes to getting that perfect brow shape and fill. Elizabeth Mott’s Queen of the Fill eyebrow gel and brow pomade are here to help! With these brow products, you can leave worrying about your brows in the past. Both products are great for filling in sparse hairs, and the tinted brow gel will help you get that perfect brow shape in just a couple easy swipes. These two products are known for making it easy to get that perfect brow. This part of your makeup routine should be quick and stress free, so that you can enjoy your day looking your best, and these products are ready to give you that.

What Is Tinted Eyebrow Gel?

Long story short, tinted eyebrow gel is exactly what it sounds like! It’s a tinted product made to match your brow color, that will allow you to shape and fill in your brows like a pro. Elizabeth Mott’s Queen of the Fill tinted brow gel comes in five colors, so you’ll be able to match your own beautiful brows easily. Its film-forming polymers help to coat your brows and make them look fuller, without being too heavy of a product. You can use a tinted brow gel to shape your brows, fill them in, and even cover up those pesky grey hairs!

Elizabeth Mott’s Queen Of The Fill Tinted Eyebrow Gel Before and After Model Photo

How Do You Choose Eyebrow Gel Color?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what shade is going to work best for you. Elizabeth Mott’s brow gel comes in five different beautiful shades, and everybody has their perfect match. The easiest way to match the tinted brow gel to your brows is to identify what color brows you’re trying to match. This is incredibly easy if you’re blonde or if you have very dark, almost black brows.

The confusion might come in if your brows are brown. For brown shades, Elizabeth Mott carries three different colors: light medium, medium dark, and auburn. To figure out which of these browns will work best for your brows, decide if your brows are on the darker or on the lighter side naturally, and if they have red tones in them. If they have red tones, the auburn shade is the color for you! Identifying your brow color will then allow your brows to look as naturally full as possible when they’re filled in with the brow gel!

Why Our Customers Love Our Brow Gel?

The Queen of the Fill brow gel is easily one of Elizabeth Mott’s most popular products. It’s incredibly easy to use and prevents clumping while filling in sparse hairs and covering up grays, but those are only the basics. Our customers love this brow gel for so many reasons.

Customers describe Queen of the Fill as being the perfect brow gel in terms of color, texture, and brush. They love that the formula adds volume and easy to apply, lasting all day without getting too dry. Lots of blonde customers especially love how the brow gel allows their brows to be seen without being overwhelming on their face—they feel as if their brows are finally naturally full!

Elizabeth Mott Eyebrow Gel On Blonde Haired Instagram Model Amanda Winters

On top of this, the Queen of the Fill brow gel is cruelty-free and easily coats your brows with its lightweight formula. This way, our customers can get ready quickly (some reporting that their makeup routine takes as little as 10 minutes!), while feeling good about the products they’re using.

What About Brow Pomade?

Elizabeth Mott’s other product in the Queen of the Fill line is also treated like royalty according to our customers. The difference between the Queen Of The Fill Brow Pomade and the brow gel is that the pomade is a gel texture, rather than a product that comes with a brush. It’s great for filling in sparse hairs, and is easy to apply, drying quickly so that you can look like a queen yourself. The pomade also comes in five colors: blonde, night, espresso, dark chocolate, and auburn.

Customers love that it stays all day, as well as how oh-so silky it is! They describe how versatile the product is, which allows them to create a subtle or dramatic look, depending on the day. Regardless of the look they’re going for though, they love how easy it is to accurately fill in their brows.

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Elizabeth Mott Brow Pomade Shown On Brunette Model

When it comes down to it, Elizabeth Mott’s Queen of the Fill brow gel and pomade are great at making it easy to get that perfectly filled in brow you’ve been dreaming of. It’s easy to find the perfect match for your brow color, and once you do that, you’ll be well on your way to perfect, naturally full looking brows.

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