How Long Does Mascara Last?

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Do you ever find yourself wondering how long does mascara last? We love our makeup, and sometimes it’s a little hard to tell when we’ve gotta face the truth, and finally replace our favorite products. The truth is, just like food, makeup does go bad eventually, but luckily, that day might be further away than you think. Elizabeth Mott’s It’s So Big Mascara and It’s So Long Mascara are long-lasting and long performing, but of course, nothing lives forever. The good news is, our products are easy to stock up on as soon as you need to replace your favorite mascara. Really, mascara is one of those long-lasting products that we often try to use even after it’s past the expiration. Here’s how to tell if your mascara has reached its final days, and what you should do if it has.

How can you tell if your mascara has gone bad?

There are a few telltale signs that will make it clear that your mascara has turned in the wrong direction. The main way you’ll be able to tell when your mascara is no longer going to do its job for you is to check for dryness and performance. When your mascara grows dry and starts to cake, it simply won’t be able to perform its lengthening and volumizing tricks for you anymore. It’s best to replace them with a brand new tube so that you can continue looking and feeling your best.

Elizabeth Mott Volumizing Mascara and Lengthening Mascara in Box

What happens if you use old mascara?

Using old products just simply won’t give you the benefits you’ll normally get from your Elizabeth Mott mascaras, and simply isn’t good for eye health. The It’s So Big Mascara is known for lasting all day long and giving your lashes the volume you’ve always wanted, and the It’s So Long mascara gives you lash length worthy of the paparazzi. The thing is, when you use mascara past its expiration, it can cause exactly what you don’t want. It’s best to ensure that your mascara is still working perfectly and not past the expiration, and if it’s not, order a new It’s So Big or It’s So Long mascara right away or stock an unopened backup.

Does it matter if it’s unopened?

Actually, it does! It turns out, if you have a tube of It’s So Big or It’s So Long mascara that’s been waiting for you unopened, it might still be okay to use it. Mascara naturally gets thicker in the tube the longer you don’t use it. It’s important to treat all of your makeup products similarly, ensuring that you’re keeping an eye on their quality so that you not only look your best but also feel your best. Just like with any makeup product, as soon as it starts to perform not as well as normal, it’s time to get back on the Elizabeth Mott website, and place an order for a new tube of your favorite volumizing or lengthening mascara or a set of 3 travel-sized mascaras to take on vacation.

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara Travel Set

Does mascara have an expiration date?

All makeup products have an expiration date, but it’s safe to assume that if it’s been a bit you should think back to when you first opened it and treat yourself to a new tube of mascara because it’s likely time for a replacement. 

Mascara is one of those quintessential, staple makeup products that everyone should use as part of their daily makeup routine. It can help you look your best, but only if your products are still performing their best. Elizabeth Mott’s It’s So Big and It’s So Long mascaras are a must-have for completing that perfect makeup look, and with their long-lasting and cruelty-free formulas, you can guarantee that these will quickly become your favorite products!

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