What Makes a Good Blush? Top 7 Reasons This One Is!

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There are so many choices in the beauty world! What is a good blush? Here are the top reasons this one is! Blush is easily one of the most classic makeup products you can use, and it’s sure to effortlessly embolden any modern makeup look. But, if you’re new to using blush, or simply looking to spruce up your makeup collection, it can be a little confusing to figure out what makes a good blush. Luckily, Elizabeth Mott has the answer to all of your questions, and it is the Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush. It comes in three colors: peach pink, soft pink, and bright coral, and each one is sure to bring any makeup look to the next level.

Show Me Your Cheeks Blush by Elizabeth Mott Color Swatches

These are the top 8 questions and answers about the Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush, and why it’s worth having and keeping in your makeup collection:

1. Is it cruelty-free?

Yes! All of Elizabeth Mott’s products are certified cruelty-free, and we’re proud of it! We simply don’t believe in testing on animals, which makes our makeup even better. That means you can look good and feel good about your choices as a conscious consumer.

2. Does it look natural?

One of the best qualities of a good blush is that it looks natural. The good news is, the Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is known for giving the perfect natural flush. This blush is perfect for blending naturally into your cheeks so that you simply look healthy and glowing, rather than looking too red in the cheeks. Blush is supposed to help you achieve a natural glow, and the Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is perfect for doing just that!

Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush Soft Pink Looks Natural On Katherine Bee

3. Is it sweat and oil resistant?

Making sure your makeup stays in place is such an important quality when looking to upgrade that beloved makeup collection. Well, you can rest assured that the Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush will last through any activity, no matter if you’re running errands for work all day, in the yoga studio, or bouncing from party to party. Our formula contains conditioning color pigment polymers that make it both sweat and oil resistant, ensuring that it lasts through the most hectic day, even for the busiest boss babe.

4. Is it long-lasting?

This goes hand in hand with our Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush being sweat and oil resistant, and the answer is yes! This blush will last all day. On top of it lasting through the busiest activities, you can be sure that you won’t have to reapply your blush all day, no matter what life throws at you! It’s also known for preventing powder clumps, which helps it to have long-lasting benefits to keep you looking your best, from morning to night.

Customer wearing Peach Pink Show Me Your Cheeks Blush

5. Is it finely milled?

One of the most important qualities of a good blush is for it be finely milled. This will make it easy to apply, soft to the touch, and smooth on your skin. The Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is finely milled and contains light-reflecting pearl particles that work to bring your natural glow to center stage!

6. Is it blend-able?

It’s so important for a good blush to be blendable. This will allow it to work seamlessly with the rest of your look, and you’re in luck! The Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is amazingly blendable due to its incredibly smooth, soft, and fine powder, allowing for it to work in tandem with your other favorite Elizabeth Mott products.

Show Me Your Cheeks Blush in Bright Coral Shown on Customer

7. Is it build-able?

Having a product that’s build-able allows you to have versatility in your products. Elizabeth Mott’s Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is as easily build-able as it is blendable, allowing you to create either a subtle look or a bolder one, depending on how much color you’re looking to bring into your day.

When it comes to choosing a good blush, there are so many questions that come to mind. You want one that’s versatile, one that works for any makeup look, and one that’s produced with the best ingredients. You want to make sure that it will last through your hectic day, no matter what you have on your schedule. And the good news is, Elizabeth Mott’s Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush checks all the boxes. That means you can go on with your day knowing you made the best choice for your face, and your fresh makeup look will tell the world all about it, so you don’t have to.


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