What Does Mascara Do For My Look?

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Sometimes in the makeup community, makeup newbies and beauty pros alike ask themselves: “what does mascara do for my overall look?” While it can be the cherry on top your glam look or be something simple you throw on to brighten up your eyes before running off to work, the simple answer is mascara coats your eyelashes to make them look fuller, longer, and define your eyes. Simple, right?

Mascara before and after:

Mascara before and after

Elizabeth Mott’s Mascara is the Best Mascara

Mascara is easily a staple in most peoples’ makeup bags, but many people still don’t understand the benefits and difference between most mascaras. Now you’re probably asking: what can Elizabeth Mott’s mascara do for me? Why have two different kinds when all mascaras essentially do the same job? That’s because our mascaras, It’s So Big and It’s So Long do so much more besides keeping you satisfied all night long.

Cruelty-free Mascara

The Ingredients in our Cruelty- free Mascara

First things first: our mascaras have natural ingredients--specifically natural waxes. Due to the perfect blend of carnauba and beeswax, It’s So Big and It’s So Long are easy to remove and don’t weigh your lashes down throughout the day. Win-win. Because nobody wants sad, saggy lashes. If you’re still using traditional mascaras then you’re doing yourself zero favors for they use ‘paraffin,’ an oil-based wax that weighs your lashes down ‘causing those curly q’s to flatline.

Best Tubing Mascara

Another fancy trick we have up our sleeve is the innovated flexible tubing polymers in our formulas. What’s that, you ask? Great question! Tubing technology is when the formula wraps around each lash 360°, rather than clumping onto your hair like traditional formulas. This helps your lashes keep their volume and curl all day while also being sweat, smudge, and water resistant

Best Non Clumping Mascara


And even though with It’s So Big and It’s So Long you only need one layer of mascara, you can keep building and layering the formula as much as you want. The finished look is up to you, and you’ll never worry about annoying clumps, flakes, nor spider-looking lashes that other formulas end up leaving you.

Applying Mascara

One thing we pride ourselves on is our brushes. It’s So Big and It’s So Long have their own unique brush shapes that achieve different looks and always deliver the right amount of product. While It’s So Big’s niche is major volume, It’s So Long’s is some serious length.

It’s So Big’s brush is corset shaped, with alternating bristle length and brush density. This means that the perfect amount of formula is smoothed over the lashes with every swipe providing the biggest fanned out, voluminous lashes you can ask for.

While It’s So Big focuses on volume, It’s So Long focuses on lengthening your lashes. It’s So Long utilizes our innovative C-curve silicone brush. With every swipe, the It’s So Long brush hugs every lash to separate, lift, and coat all your lashes evenly.

Best Mascara Wand                                                     Lengthening Mascara

Here’s a pro tip: for the biggest, longest lashes around town swipe on a layer or two of It’s So Long immediately followed by a coat of It’s So Big for lashes that never disappoint…unlike the usual tinder date. 

Take it off!

Another big issue with other mascaras—removal can be an absolute nightmare. Who has time to rub away those raccoon eyes? Here at Elizabeth Mott we understand that beauty sleep is essential, and no one has time to jadedly remove their mascara, which is why we made it so both formulas are easily removed with warm water, or your favorite makeup remover. No residue or black steaks left behind. Wipe it off, then hit the hay!

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Our formulas are always lightweight. Got a hot date that’s getting unexpectedly steamy? No need to worry about ruining your look we’ve got you covered. Need some gym time but don’t want to look like a total zombie? Use our water-resistant products to keep you bright eyed and squatting like a champ. Our mascaras are perfect for every moment that life throws at us. It’s so satisfying--we guarantee! 

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