Illuminating VS. Matte: Which Primer Is Right For me?

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Juuust in case you’ve been living under a rock, we have a very special announcement: we just launched our brand spankin’ new Thank Me Later Illuminating Face Primer!

 Now, you may be asking: “I’ve been using the matte Thank Me Later Primer, so why is this a big deal?” Well, first off, who doesn’t like options when it comes to their makeup bags? Secondly, there’s a difference in “finish” when it comes to using matte and illuminating primers. One might suit your skin tone better than the other, but it doesn’t necessarily mean one is “wrong” or “bad” for you.

    Matte Face PrimerElizabeth Mott Illuminating Primer 

A quick rundown: an illuminating face primer will essentially give your skin that “dewy” look to help your skin look healthy and hydrated. A natural “glow getter,” if you will. Matte primers work to combat any and all excess oil that might make your makeup fade away by the afternoon.

Personally, I used to be very, very, veeeery oily when I lived in Hawaii. The Thank Me Later Matte Face Primer was an absolute life saver. If I didn’t wear any face primer underneath my makeup, all my hard work would start glistening and fading away by 1 or 2 o’clock. No amount of blotting could save my makeup.

Thank Me Later Face Primer

The matte primer gave my skin this velvety smooth finish that I would get tons of compliments on! It minimized the appearance of my pores and fine lines, and my makeup would look exactly the same from when I applied it in the morning to when I took it off the same night.

Elizabeth Mott Makeup Primer

Now, some things changed! I moved to the good ol’ state of Colorado and all the excess oil my skin was used to over producing just…vanished. And my skin started cracking and becoming extremely dull and dry. No matter how much I changed my skincare routine and moisturized the heck out of my skin, it just looked dull.

When the Thank Me Later Illuminating Face Primer walked into my life, it gave my skin it’s life back! It’s hydrating, so if you’re the type of person that needs an extra kick of moisture throughout the day, our illuminating primer has got you! Dewy looks help reflect light, which softens fine lines and blemishes. Who doesn’t want to look radiant and glowing?

One of our favorite things about the illuminating primer formula is the fact that it’s iridescent…and looks like unicorns and rainbows! The pearly glow is what helps give your makeup the moisturized look. And either way…who doesn’t like shimmer?!

Now, a quick tip for our friends who have combination skin. Oily in the t-zone and dry everywhere else? Or visa versa? You can actually use both the matte and illuminating primers to help balance out those tricky areas! It’ll help control the excess oil and add hydration to the areas that need it.

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Now that you know the difference between Thank Me Later’s Illuminating Face Primer and Matte Face Primer, which one will you use? Maybe both?! Go forth and glow or mattify, friends! We can’t wait to see your looks!

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