Natural, Fun, and Smokey Eyeshadow Looks

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You want a natural, fun, and smokey eyeshadow look, that can’t be that hard right? It’s been a while since we’ve focused on the eyes here! While we love face products and know they all come together to complete your makeup look, we’ve decided it’s time to shift back to eyes and eye looks for a bit. 

We’re also going to take it back to the classics! Who doesn’t love a natural day look and a smokey night look? You can give both a little oomph and be the talk of the town while dazzling everyone you come across. 

You Need A Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

Okay, so first things first: Elizabeth Mott’s Natural Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect smokey eyeshadow palette for this glam task. We loooove her! She’s the OG—our first eyeshadow palette. That’s something you don’t ever forget. But besides being the original and a personal favorite, our Natural Palette is a little bit of an underdog. 

Five eyeshadows are a little small for a palette, but five shadows are all you need (they’re the essentials)! You can easily create multiple day and nighttime looks with Nearly Nude, Basically, Golden Brown, Fizz, and Thunder Cloud. All skin tones can wear these colors and expect to be complimented around every corner. 

natural smokey eyeshadow palette by elizabeth mott

Steps For A Smokey Eye Tutorial

Okay, so first things first. Our go-to natural day look involves eye primer, two eyeshadows, and some mascara to top everything off. So grab your favorite eye primer and apply it to your lid (we think it should be clear now that Thank Me Later is ours). Then, apply Basically, a brown matte, all over your lid. Take it up into your crease a little bit as well—this will give your eyes a more dimensional look.

 Next, take Fizz, a copper shimmer shade, and apply it over Basically. But make sure you don’t apply it too far into the crease. If you do, just take a blending brush, dip it into Basically, and dust it into your crease. To finish your eye look off, top it off with our It’s So Big Mascara for those biiiig long lashes everyone loves.

Obviously, the next step is to take your natural day look out into the wild! Go to work, to the beach—wherever you want! Now you might be thinking, “I want to go out tonight, but I don’t want to take off and redo my entire look…” No fear, friend.

 If you plan on taking your natural look into a smokey look, all you need to do is grab Thunder Cloud (which is a black shimmer shade) from our Natural Palette, and blend it into the crease. You can decide how heavy you want to go!

 See? Easy Peasy! Smokey Eyeshadow looks don’t have to be hard or scary. But, even the best of us sometimes get a little confused when it comes to pairing our eye colors to eyeshadows. 

Color Guide

While here at Elizabeth Mott we’re all honor students, we think this cheat sheet will do more good than harm:

  • Green eyes pair well with purple and pink tones. Like with Fizz and Toasted from the Natural Palette and Pop! Goes the Shadow!
                elizabeth mott eyeshadow palette on beautybynoelle for green eyes@_beautybynoelle

  • Blue eyes go with orange and brown shades quite nicely. From one blue eyed lady to another, Goldy and Champagne from Pop! Goes the Shadow are my personal go-tos!
    erinhofstad using elizabeth mott eyeshadow for blue eyes@erinhofstad

  • Brown eyes are pretty dang versatile (which I might be a little jelly about). You guys can slap on Mermaid Teal (yet another shade from Pop! Goes the Shadow) on and call it a day and look stunning no matter what!

    yahimichannel using elizabeth mott eyeshadow on brown eyes: @yahimichannel

And there you have it! All of our tips tricks, and cheat sheets regarding eyeshadow looks and shade matching are yours to play with. Let us know if you have more eyeshadow combos!

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