How to Use Illuminating Face Primer?

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If you’re wondering how to use our Thank Me Later Illuminating Face Primer, you’ve come to the right place! But before we get into the hows and the tos, we should probably review and refresh on what exactly is face primer used for?

 But there’s one catch—our primer is illuminating, meaning it’ll brighten up your skin and give you that dewy look that’s trendy (and honestly should be trendy for forever). So, you’re getting the opposite of a matte look.

What Does Makeup Primer Do For Your Face?

Makeup primers prep the skin so that your makeup lasts on your face throughout the day, no matter what type of skin you have. If you have acne scars or any sort of skin discoloration, our Illuminating Primer evens out the skin tone and creates a smooth skin surface for your foundation.

So now that’s out of the way, we need to get back to the point of this article! How to use Thank Me Later Illuminating Face Primer. First things first, squeeze some onto your fingertips or squeeze it directly over your skin (either works). Then smooth it over clean, moisturized skin in circular motions.

Where Do You Put Makeup Primer?

You can use makeup primer alone or beneath your makeup—both have benefits. Alone it’ll brighten up your skin and smooth it out, and beneath it will give your makeup that dewy look that lasts for soooo long. 

Another quick tip: if you have combination skin (meaning oily and dry), you can apply primer just to the spots that needs some extra TLC (AKA brightness) or over those spots that tend to fade away quicker. 

Next, you just apply your favorite foundation! It should glide on smoothly without creasing or settling into fine lines. You’ll look bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and airbrushed!

Now, you gotta document that look you worked sooo hard on! Take a couple selfies, take your look out into town—show it off! Everyone will be asking what your secret to a flawless bright look.

 And there you have it—you’re a pro at primers and will look immaculate for the rest of your days!


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