Why Highlighter Powder is Better Than Cream?

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First world problems include choosing between highlighter powder or cream, running out of cell phone data, having more chips than guac, and being inundated with way too many options—especially in the beauty world. #TheStruggleIsReal when you’re at the store, browsing online, and (thanks, Instagram) hit with targeted ads that swarm your brain with hundreds of thousands of makeup brands and products—it’s way too overwhelming! What do you use? What shade looks good? How do I use this? Where do I put that? What’s the difference between cream and powder products?!

Well buckle-up buck-a-roo because this isn’t our first rodeo here at Elizabeth Mott. We’re here to guide you through the vast makeup market and get you back to figuring out that dip to chip dilemma. Topic of today: what’s the difference between powder and cream highlighter, and why is highlighter powder better?

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*All models are wearing Show Me Your Glow*

Cream Highlighter

Cream and liquid highlighters create a bright, dewy look, but if you have oily skin, liquid and cream products tend to…sort of melt off at the most inopportune moments. So that “on fleek” glow you had going on this morning? Gone. Bye-bye. It’s melted into your blush and bronzer by midday making you a sparkly, muddy mess (sorta like you smeared unicorn poop on your cheeks…not cute). And don’t even get us started on how it looks when cream highlight creases. Yikes! Nope—no, thank you. You want to highlight your beautiful features, not those pesky acne spots, lines, and pores, but after that cream highlight has melted faster than an ice cream cone in the desert you’ll most definitely show off all those annoying ‘imperfections.’

Experts say that cream products are best used on dry skin (which isn’t a lie), but don’t get too excited there my moisture-seeking friends. If your skin screams for creams and you’re using a highlighter cream, expect it to soak in and create a cakey, cracked look. Yum?

Another downside to cream highlighters is that they’re not as concentrated. Meaning you’ll have a light sheen on your face instead of a nice, healthy glow. If you’re looking for color and shimmer payoff, you’ll spend more time trying to build up your melting strobe look, instead of enjoying your day and makeup look. There are too many beauty blunders associated with cream highlighters for it to be our personal cup of tea. But really, who wants to be a walking mud cake?


Powders have the highest concentration of shimmer. So that dewy look you like so much? No problem! Use your favorite highlighting brush and boom! Easy to blend and build—powders definitely have your back. Even if you accidentally apply too much blinding everyone around you, you can easily blend it down to something more suitable for your taste and preference; either a soft brightening look to an intense all-out glam. You decide!

You can apply powder to freshly cleansed skin or over foundation. Like we touched on earlier, with powders you won’t have such a difficult time blending. Powders just settle over the skin in a smooth, even way, and who doesn’t want a radiant glow?! Show the world your glow with Show Me Your Glow Highlighter. This versatile shimmer, shadow, and highlighter will make you the light of the party, not the strobe. Elizabeth Mott’s super soft powder flawlessly dusts ultra-fine pearls onto the high points of the cheeks, inner corners of the eyes, and cupid’s bow. From dusk til’ dawn, your favorite features will be illuminated with this long-lasting formula.  

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Our number one rule: use powder highlighters when you can’t afford for your makeup to move. And really, who wants their makeup to move around?! We makeup wearers must occasionally touch up, but with creams you’re planning on touching up multiple times a day.  Waste. Of. Time. UGH.

So, what have we learned today? Always, always, always use powder! Powder highlighters like our Show Me Your Glow are easier to use and much more versatile (you can use it as eyeshadow too—score)!

Powder = easy, beautiful, controllable glow. Cream = caked, muddy mess.

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