What Is A Good Summer Eyeshadow Palette?

What is a good summer eyeshadow palette by Elizabeth Mott

Attention Summer goddesses, we know you are wondering what is a good summer eyeshadow palette? It’s time to transition your favorite makeup looks for the season. Summer is all about light and natural looks, while still being bold and creative, and incorporating eyeshadow into your look will help you do just that. But, if you’re new to eyeshadow, you might not be quite sure where to start, which is where Elizabeth Mott comes in. With our Natural Eyeshadow Palette, you’ll be sure to be able to create the perfect look for your favorite summer adventures, no matter what the warm months bring your way. This eyeshadow palette is perfect for creating long-lasting and blendable looks ideal for any summer day, so you can say goodbye to bland summer looks, and hello to your new favorite palette for the season.

What colors look best on the eyes in summer?

As with any look, it’s important to choose colors that compliment your natural complexion, however, summer is always a time where natural shades work best! With our Natural Palette, you’ll have your choice of five beautiful natural shades: Nearly Nude (beige matte), Basically (brown matte), Golden Brown (bronze shimmer), Fizz (copper shimmer), and Thunder Cloud (black shimmer). These colors are highly blendable and last all day long, so you can mix and match to find your perfect look for whatever your day will bring your way.

Elizabeth Mott Natural Eyeshadow Palette for summer

Can you do a lighter version of a smokey eye?

The truth is, with makeup, creativity is key! It is completely possible to do anything you can imagine with your eyeshadow colors, and with our Natural Palette, you’ll surely be able to create a lighter, more natural version of that classic smokey eye. Using lighter shades such as the Nearly Nude, Golden Brown, or Fizz shades will help you blend a beautiful smokey setting perfect for any summer day, and if you want to add more smoke, simply blend in some of our Thunder Cloud shade for a shimmery smokey eye ready for summer.

Elizabeth Mott natural smokey eyeshadow look by brookeumsted

How do you incorporate shimmer eyeshadows?

When figuring out your ideal eyeshadow look for this summer, it’s important to remember to mix your finishes. You don’t want to look too shimmery or too matte. When you incorporate both into your look, you’ll find that you’ve struck gold (or… shimmer!), creating the perfect balance between the two. When you add shimmer to your matte shadow, you’ll find that you’re creating a look with depth perfect for bringing some bold to that natural summer look.

Are natural shades good in the warmer months?

Natural shades are perfect in the warmer months! Many classic summery looks really rely on that natural look and build off of your already beautiful complexion, which means that natural eyeshadow looks are perfect for bringing some bold into a naturally beautiful look perfect for any summer day or activity. Natural looks are light and subtle, allowing you to feel free as a bird this summer season.

Buy Elizabeth Mott Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow is a fantastic way to incorporate some bold into your new summer look. With warmer months on their way, using a natural shade is perfect for being a little more creative with your look, without being too bold for the hot weather! Our Natural Palette is perfect for this, so that you can be more creative with that favorite summer look of yours.


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