Do You Use Makeup Primer Before or After Sunscreen?

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Skincare can be confusing, do you use makeup primer before or after sunscreen?  Summer is has arrived, and there’s no doubt that you’ll want to look your best with your favorite makeup products while staying safe in the warmer weather. But for a trendy day at the beach, a girl’s day by the pool, or a day out exploring a new city in the sun, how can you guarantee that you’ll look your best without getting a nasty sunburn? The good news is, here at Elizabeth Mott, we’re prepared to answer all of your questions for you so that you can look and feel confident this summer.

In what order should I apply my face products?

So, you’ve washed your face and now you’re ready to start creating your summer makeup look of the day. But where do you start? Start with sun protection first and apply sunblock for the day, and let it dry before starting off your makeup look with a face primer. Our Thank Me Later Face Primer is perfect for this and comes in both mattifying and illuminating, depending on the look you’re going for and your skintype.

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Will sunscreen still work if I use makeup primer?

But how does sunblock even work if you have your makeup on top of it? The truth is, your choice of a face primer is going to help with that! The primer will actually allow your makeup to stay in place without interfering with the sunblock’s ability to protect you from the sun! It creates a little barrier between your makeup and the protective layer of sunblock underneath.

Should I use a matte primer or illuminating primer?

When it comes to the question of whether you should use a matte or illuminating primer, this is completely up to the look you’re going for and your skin. Neither primer is going to make you more susceptible to sunburns, and the sunscreen won’t affect how either primer works.

models showing mattifying face primer and illuminating face primer by Elizabeth Mott

Will my makeup stay on if I use sunscreen?

Sunscreen can feel greasy depending on that you use, so you might be worried about whether your makeup will stay on if you use a base of sunscreen first. And the answer is yes! When you use our Thank Me Later Face Primer, you’ll be locking that look in place from the start. It creates a smooth canvas for your perfect makeup look, allowing you to create the summer look you’re imagining without flaws! It’s also sweatproof and waterproof, so nothing this summer throws your way will lead to that look coming off (until you want it to).

Can sunscreen replace moisturizer?

If you’re trying to minimize the products you use in your routine, you might be wondering if you can use sunscreen in place of moisturizer. The answer is no. But, you can use moisturizer in place of sunscreen if your moisturizer of choice is formulated with SPF. This means you can moisturize your face and protect from the sun in one easy step, before adding your favorite Thank Me Later Face Primer.

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When it comes to perfecting the perfect summer makeup look, it’s important to also take care of your body too! Using sunblock underneath your makeup look will allow you to build your perfect summer look while protecting your skin from the sun! That way you can look your best without risking a painful sunburn or damage to your skin this summer.

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