What Does Vitamin C Do For Your Skin?

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We all know that vitamins are an essential part of our body’s overall health, but what about your skin’s health? It’s no secret that eating nutrient dense foods can help your whole body, including your skin, but there are also plenty of skincare products that actually have these vitamins in them, allowing you to get the vitamins you need right to where they need to go. Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins our bodies need, so what can it do for your skin? 

Vitamin C for skin benefits

What Products Have Vitamin C in Them?

Our favorite product with vitamin C in it is our Vitamin C Face Scrub. This is a part of our skincare line, and not only does it help provide your skin with essential vitamin C, but it can also help you exfoliate and cleanse your face. This radiant face scrub is perfect for helping to minimize pores, while softening and brightening your skin, making this the perfect face scrub for any regular skincare routine.

We also now carry Sure Thing! Vitamin C Eye Cream, which is perfect for helping the thinner under-eye skin to bounce back too. It can help reduce dark circles by providing your skin with vitamins C, B, and E, and take care of any wrinkles that may be popping up.

Vitamin C eye cream

What Can Vitamin C Do for Your Skin?

Our Vitamin C products provide your skin with vitamin C and other essential multivitamins, but what does vitamin C actually do for your skin? Not only does it help you to gain a healthier, more radiant complexion, but it can help your skin to bounce back quicker and feel more youthful. Vitamin C is there to help your skin produce more collagen, which in turn helps reduce wrinkles and brighten your skin!

Vitamin C face scrub

Why Should I Use a Vitamin C Cleanser?

Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for the human body, and your skin is your body’s largest organ. It’s time you treat it like you do the rest of your body’s systems, and give it all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Using our Vitamin C Face Scrub and Sure Thing! Vitamin C Eye Cream is the perfect way to give your skin the proper nutrients directly, so that your face can produce the collagen it needs and bounce back quicker and brighter.

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Looking to add more moisture to your skincare routine? Try our Hydrating Hyaluronic Toner!

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