What Does Eye Primer Do?

 Elizabeth Mott answers What does Eye Primer Do?

You want the perfect eye makeup look? Wondering what does eye primer do? When it comes to figuring out your perfect eyeshadow look, the secret is in step one: your eye primer. But you might be wondering: do I really need a primer for my eyes? Will it really enhance my look? And the answer is yes! But here at Elizabeth Mott, we don’t want to simply say yes—we want to explain every step of the way when it comes to using our primer for eyes to set the perfect stage for your perfect look.

Do you really need eye primer?

For those bold eyeshadow looks, primer truly is your new best friend. Our Thank Me Later Eye Primer is the product you’ve been searching for to help you enhance your look. So, to answer your question: yes! Eye primer is the most helpful product you’ll find when it comes to creating that perfect eyeshadow look and getting those colors to truly pop! It not only preps your eyelids for the color you want to apply, but it also helps your makeup stay locked in all day. This means you can have a seamless canvas for your eyeshadow and then forget about it for the rest of your day while you walk about sporting your best look!

Elizabeth Mott How do you apply eye primer

How do you apply eye primer?

Applying this lightweight primer is truly simple. Apply a pea-sized amount of the transparent Thank Me Later Eye Primer to your lids with a finger and let dry. You’ll then be ready to apply your eyeshadow with a guarantee that it’ll stay locked in all day without smudging or fading. This makes it one of the easiest products to use, and one that you simply need in your makeup bag.

What color eye primer should I use?

When using our Thank Me Later Eye Primer, there’s no need to worry about color. This eye primer is universal, so anyone with any skin tone can use it without flaw. It’ll help to bring out color on anyone’s eyelids, no matter what your skin tone, so that your makeup routine is just one step easier.

Elizabeth Mott Eye Shadow Primer Helps eyeshadow last longer

Will it make my eyeshadow stay on longer?

One of our favorite things about our products here at Elizabeth Mott is that many of our products are long-lasting, or help other products last longer. Our Thank Me Later Eye Primer is in the second category, truly helping your eyeshadow to stay locked in so that you can go through your day without needing to worry about touching up your favorite look. It’ll be there all day helping you look your best!

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When it comes to perfecting your eyeshadow looks, the truth is, eye primer is the absolute best way to prep your eyes! It creates the smoothest blank canvas so that you can focus on building that color because this primer is sure to make it truly pop and not crease!


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