How to Apply Powder Blush

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Blush is the perfect product to add to your makeup routine for the best warm and glowy addition to your look. Our Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is the perfect pink, and its creamy texture makes it super easy to apply so that you can incorporate it into any look you already love. These are all our favorite tips for applying powder blush.

Do You Apply Blush Before Or After Setting Powder?

If you’re trying to include powder blush in your look, you might be confused about what order you should apply your products in. You might feel like blush should be one of the last steps in your look, and while it is one of your last products you’ll apply, nothing should go on after setting powder. Setting powder is there to lock your look in place, so it should always go on after your blush. We love our Set for Life Setting Powder for this. It’ll keep everything including your blush locked in place perfectly so that you can go through your day with your rosy cheeks still looking pretty in pink!Cruelty-free Show Me Your Cheeks Cream Powder Blush

How Do You Blend Powder Blush?

Blending powder blush doesn’t have to be hard! Our Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is easy to apply and easy to blend so that you can create a seamless transition between the rest of your makeup and your blush. You can even use one of our favorite makeup brushes like our blending brush to create that seamless transition easily.

Cruelty-free Show Me Your Cheeks Cream Powder Blush

Do You Use it Before Or After Bronzer?

Speaking of the order your products should be applied in, should your blush go before or after bronzer? Bronzer is there to create natural warmth, while blush is there to create a natural rosiness. Bronzer should always go on before blush, so that you can see all the beautiful layers of the look you’re creating.

Cruelty-free Show Me Your Cheeks Cream Powder Blush

Do You Need A Highlighter With Powder Blush?

If you want to include some illumination in your look, you’re in luck. Our Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is infused with pearl powder, which means it has its own illuminating power. This means you don’t necessarily need to add highlighter for that shine unless you want a little extra.

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Powder blush is the perfect way to add a beautiful amount of pretty pink to your look, and with our Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush, you’ll find that getting a beautiful peachy pink shade on your cheeks is easier and smoother than ever.

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