How To Look Less Puffy in the Face

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It’s no secret this year has been a lot, and all that stress, rest, and time at home might have you looking a little more puffy in the face than normal. So, what’s the best way to get rid of those puffy eyes and face so that you can start feeling like your most confident self again this winter? Here at Elizabeth Mott, we’re all about embracing that natural beauty, so these are our favorite solutions to a puffy face, so that you can feel your best again.

Contour and Highlighting

Contour and Highlighting are two of our favorite easy solutions to getting rid of excess puffiness in the face. Both of these makeup solutions involve bringing out your natural beauty and enhancing where the shadows and sunlight naturally fall on your face. Our Contour Palette contains 3 beautiful contour shades and 3 illuminating highlighter shades so that you can easily bring attention to the right parts of your face. Need a little extra glow? Our Show Me Your Glow Highlighter and Shimmer Shadow is perfect for bringing some sparkle to your face.

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Keep Your Blush a Little Higher on the Cheeks

Another amazing makeup solution to a puffy face is to keep your blush a little higher on the cheeks. Our Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is the perfect blush to use for this, so that you can add the perfect amount of rosy glow to your high cheekbones, to help reduce the look of puffiness in your face.

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Use Less of Your Mattifying Makeup

When you use too much mattifying makeup, you’ll find that your face tends to look a little puffier than you might want. When you use more illuminating makeup than mattifying makeup, you’re going to be reducing that puffy look that’s making you feel less like you. We carry a beautiful illuminating face primer that can help you achieve this more easily!

Bring on the Caffeine

Want an excuse to drink all the coffee you want this winter? Coffee is a natural diuretic, so drinking more of it will help you to detox anything your body no longer needs and encourage your face to feel less puffy. This means you can indulge in your favorite drink while helping you feel better in your skin.

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Try a Jade or Rose Quartz Roller at Bedtime and Morning

Using a crystal roller on your face can help reduce puffiness naturally. These stones are naturally cool, so when you roll them over your skin, you can reduce puffiness, inflammation, and help with natural blood circulation in a way that can help you feel more confident and less puffy, no matter what else you do during your day.

Eye Patches or Cucumbers

A great way to reduce puffiness around the eyes is to apply cool eye patches or cucumbers over the eyes. This can also be a great way to relax and reduce stress while you reduce that pesky puffiness. When you cool your skin, you’re naturally reducing puffiness in a way that’s healthy for you and your skin.

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Try a Winged Eyeliner to Lift

A great way to add some lift to your eyes is to add a winged eyeliner to your everyday makeup look. Winged eyeliner lifts your face in a way that looks great, and doesn’t have to be over the top when it comes to your overall makeup look. Our Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil is the ideal eyeliner for this because it’s easy to apply and goes on smooth, for the perfect easy winged liner you’ve been looking for.

Put a Little Arc in Your Brow

Sculpting your brows is another great way to reduce the look of puffiness in the face. We love both our Queen of the Fill Brow Pomade and Brow Gel for this. Both are amazing for sculpting and filling in your brows so that you can get an arc that will help to make your face look less puffy. Apply it with our Small Angled Brush for the best results and control when applying our Pomade.

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It’s completely normal to deal with puffiness in the face, and the good news is, it’s actually super easy to reduce that puffiness. Any combination of makeup solutions and natural solutions is going to give you amazing results that will have you feeling incredible in your skin again in no time!

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