The Best Shades of Eyeshadow for a Smokey Eye

The Best Shades of Eyeshadow for a Smokey Eye by Elizabeth Mott

If you’re trying to achieve the ultimate smokey eye, you can’t go wrong with picking up an Elizabeth Mott Natural Palette. It’s perfect for creating the most beautiful smokey eye with its variety of shades. The best shades of eyeshadow for a smokey eye includes both matte and shimmery shades. Make sure every shade in the palette is blendable and buildable, so you can create your perfect look, no matter what you’re dreaming of.

What Eyeshadow Shades Will I Have To Work With?

Our Natural Palette comes with 5 beautiful shades perfect for creating the perfect smokey eye. Create your look with any combination of Nearly Nude, Basically, Golden Brown, Fizz, and Thunder Cloud for the perfect mix of matte and shimmer.

Buy Elizabeth Mott Neutral Eyeshadow Palette For a Smokey Eye Look


Basically Is A Matte Brown

This is the perfect neutral brown that is your first step in the smokey eye routine. Sweep this into the crease and lay the foundation for the perfect smokey eye. This can also be used on your lower lash line alone or with Thunder Cloud to pull your eye look together.

Nearly Nude Is A Beautiful Beige Matte Shade

This is the perfect matte shade that can be used to highlight the brow bone to define your eyebrow and for a pop in the inner corner of your eye to brighten things up!

Meet The Shimmer Shadows

Golden Brown is a bronze shimmer and if you want to go really bold, Fizz is a gorgeous copper shimmer. Either of these is the perfect shade to pat on the center of the lid to really make your eyes stand out.

 Neutral Eyeshadow Colors To Create A Smokey Eyeshadow look

Thunder Cloud Is A Beautiful Black Shimmer

This eyeshadow brings the smokey to a smokey eye. This shade will go in the outer corner of your eye. Layer this shadow according to your comfort zone and don’t do too much at once, a smokey eye can take a wrong turn really fast. This can also be lightly blended on the outer part of the bottom lash line if you are going for a bold look. 

Use each of these shades to build your perfect smokey eye, blending the lighter shades with the darker ones. Make sure that you center darker shades around the outsides of your eyes, and lighter shades toward the inner corners for the best bold look you can get. And last but not least, blend blend blend!

Natural Eyeshadow Look on model anarochao

What Eyeshadow Brushes Should I Use?

Elizabeth Mott carries three brushes we recommend using to perfect your eyeshadow look. Our All Over Shadow Brush is perfect for actually applying eyeshadow before blending. For blending your eyeshadow, we recommend starting with our Tapered Blending Brush (which can also be used for highlighting—talk about multifunctional!). Our Blending Brush is a great finishing touch since it’s made for buffing and blending eyeshadows together.

All of our brushes are cruelty-free and vegan and created with you in mind so they’re easy to wash and take care of.

Buy Elizabeth Mott all over shadow brush to create a smokey eye

Creating the perfect smokey eye is so much easier than you think it might be, especially when you add our Natural Palette to your makeup collection. When you combine that with our stellar brushes, you’ll be sure to create your dream smokey eye more easily than you could ever imagine.

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