Summer Makeup Tips: How to Keep Makeup from Melting

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Summer is on its way and you’re probably wondering the best summer makeup tips and how to keep makeup from melting. It’s no secret that we sweat a lot, and with this heat and sweat comes every makeup lover’s worst nightmare: melting makeup and a ruined look. But have no fear, the truth is, melting makeup doesn’t have to be your warm-weather curse. There are plenty of ways to update that makeup routine and revamp your look so that it works perfectly with the changing seasons, and Elizabeth Mott is here to give you the best summer makeup tips.

In summer, keep your makeup bag to the basics

Summer is all about feeling light, airy, and free, which means busting out your favorite natural makeup looks. And the truth is, when you keep that summer makeup collection to the basics, you’ll be minimizing that hot sun melt too. When you keep your look feeling light, you’ll be letting your skin breathe, so that you can enjoy your summer, while bringing out your natural beauty.

Skin tints and BB creams: Let your natural skin show through

One of the best ways to prevent that summer melt is to let your natural skin shine! Using skin tints and BB creams is a great way to do this while still enhancing your makeup look, since they’re ultimately a lightweight form of coverage. When you let that natural beauty show, you’ll be less likely to have your look affected by the summer sunshine!

A light dusting of setting powder

If you’re looking for the ultimate lightweight way to get that look to stay in its place, look no further than our Elizabeth Mott Set For Life Setting Powder. This lightweight setting powder is perfect for getting your makeup to stay locked in place all day long. It also guarantees no white cast in photos, so you can be sure to snag the perfect summer selfie while sporting your favorite look, even on the hottest day of the year.

Elizabeth Mott Set For Life Setting Powder for Setting Summer Makeup

Natural and easy brows

Summer makeup is all about bringing out your natural beauty, and one of the best ways to do that is to enhance those brows in a natural way. With our Queen of the Fill Brow Gel, you’ll be able to define, sculpt, and groom your brows to look just the way you want in just a few simple and lightweight swipes. This brow gel’s film-forming polymer formula also works to prevent clumping and crumbling, so you can get that realistic hair texture while enhancing your look.

Bronze any areas the sun didn’t hit naturally and to transition between your face and body

Bronzer is meant to bring out the warmth, so for a perfect summery look, make sure you pay extra attention to those areas that weren’t naturally bronzed by the sun! Using our Whatup Beaches Bronzer will give you an all-over warm look that’s blendable, buildable, and soft for easy application. You can also use bronzer to transition between your makeup look and the rest of your body, for a seamlessly warm look perfect for any summer day.

Get a bronzed glow with Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Bronzer


Glowy powder blush

One of the best ways to bring out that natural glow is to add one of our Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blushes into the mix. It comes in three shades: Peach Pink, Soft Pink, and Bright Coral, so that you can find the blush perfect for your skin tone. This creamy powder blush is sure to bring out the best in your cheeks and highlight that natural glow.

Elizabeth Mott Powder Blush


Your favorite mascara

One of the best ways to bring out your natural features is to bring in your all-time favorite mascara. Our It’s So Big and It’s So Long Mascaras are perfect for enhancing that summer look, no matter what lash you’re going for. Their unique formula truly builds the length and volume of your lashes for a look that lasts all day, no matter what the weather is.

Makeup setting spray

When it comes to getting that summer look to stay in place, wouldn’t you like it if it was as easy as a lightweight spray? Well, you’re in luck, because it actually is that easy! Our Thank Me Later Setting Spray is here to hold that look for you while you’re out enjoying your day, and with only one weightless mist to lock it in, why would you skip this step? The spray will mattify your look to perfection so it stays looking natural, and keeps oil out—perfect for a hot summer day!

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Setting Spray For Setting Summer Makeup

When summer rolls around, no need to worry about that makeup look melting off. There are plenty of ways to get your favorite look to stick around all day, from keeping it natural to using a makeup setting spray. These tips are here to help you get through the summer looking your best, so you can have the best time ever, without worrying about how you look.


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