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Welcome back, makeup lovers! Did ya miss us?! Wondering how to use highlighter? Fear not, as we’re back today to discuss one of the most trendy makeup products in the last few years: highlighter  and how to use it to bring out your inner glow.

 So…you might be asking yourself, “what is it, though?” Essentially, as the names “highlight” and “highlighter” suggest, it means to “pick out and emphasize” and or “an outstanding part,” according to the good ol’ dictionary.  So, if you infer, a makeup highlighter draws the eye by creating the illusion of brightness and internal glow on the high points of your face.

Here at Elizabeth Mott, we love a good, blinding (and buildable) highlighter. It’s always important to know where you should be placing makeup on your face since you want to accentuate your best parts! So grab your Show Me Your Glow and lets get dusting. 

Show me how to use highlighter and where it goes on my face?

So, some specific areas you can apply your highlighter to: the bridge of your nose and the “button” of your nose, the high points of your cheeks and temples (the highlight essentially is sitting right above your blush), the arch of your eyebrow, the inner corner of your eyes, and to your cupid’s bow!

Where to put highlighter face diagram

Now, that’s a lot of places and some of them are a little…weird. We get it. Makeup doesn’t always make sense, but it always has some rhyme to that reason! For instance: adding highlighter to the arch of your eyebrow can help you if you’re just having one of those days and look and feel a little tired. It makes your brow look a little more arched and you a little more awake! Same goes for the inner corner of the eyes.

You’re probably still wondering about the reasoning behind putting highlighter on your cupid’s bow. With highlighter, you’re trying to accentuate things, right? When you dust highlighter over your cupid’s bow, it draws attention in and also gives that silky looking finish to your makeup!

      How to use highlighter makeup  Highlighter brush techniques 

Highlighter Brush Techniques

What you apply your highlighter with is also suuuuper important! If you want a more sheer look, you’ll want to go with a fan brush. We sometimes use fan brushes when we feel like we’ve gone a little heavy with our makeup in the last few days. Small highlighting brushes work wonderfully as well. They’re compact but still small, so you’re able to apply your highlighter with precision and get that immediate glow with the first swipe.

Highlighter Brushes

Another tool you can use to apply highlighter with is with beauty sponges! You’ll need to wet them first. Sponges are notorious for soaking up product, so remember when you used a damp sponge that you’ll definitely have to layer if you don’t want an overly sheer highlight.

How to use highlighter with a beauty sponge

Best Highlighter For Your Skin Tone?
Show me Y(OUR) Glow!

 A lot of highlighters only work for specific skin tones (boo!), but our Show Me Your Glow Highlighter works well with any skin tone. It’s neutral enough that fair, medium, and dark skin tones can work it without any problem!

Another perk of Show Me Your Glow face highlighter
is that it’s buildable. We know that everyone wants to be blinding and a walking disco ball nowadays, but sometimes…you just wanna not blind everyone that you meet with your luminosity! And even though some might turn their nose up at “buildable” and assume it means a lack of luminosity, we can confirm that is definitely not the case as Show Me Your Glow contains finely-milled, light-reflecting pearl particles that bring out a natural glow with a soft, smooth feel.

Highlighter Makeup Show Me Your Glow Elizabeth Mott

So there you have it! Our highlighter is basically the 8th wonder of the world (or so we’ve been told) and now you know how to make your face shine! Highlight away, friends!

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