How to Use Eye Primer in 4 Easy Steps?

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Are you ready to learn how to use the best (and quickest) eye primer out there?! As usual, Elizabeth Mott has you covered. This time, we’re discussing our Thank Me Later Primer and how to use it and get flawless eyes in 4 easy steps.

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What Is Eyelid Primer?

If you’re new here, Thank Me Later Eye Primer is the perfect eye primer and the only one you’ll ever need. Some basics about eye primers: it preps your lid for various eyeshadow looks and prevents it from creasing throughout the day. It also absorbs excess oiliness on your lids and makes your shadows have more color payoff and look even more intense.

Long-lasting Eyeshadow in 4 Easy Steps

Step one: first things first, you’ll want to grab your Thank Me Later Eye Primer and apply a pea-sized amount to your lid. Remember: a little goes a loooong way. But if you goof up a bit (and be honest—who here hasn’t?!) you can actually use the eye primer beneath your eyes to keep your undereye concealer in place.

Step two: let it set and dry. Quick tip—after about 30 seconds, you can gently touch your eyelid to see if it feels wet or tacky. If it’s still a little slippery, give it some more time. If it’s tacky, move onto the next step!

Step three: apply your favorite eyeshadows! Like we said earlier, Thank Me Later makes sure your eye look stays put, so go the extra mile! Your work won’t move until you’re ready to take it off and it’ll make your colors pop even more than normal. Don’t believe us? Take some of your favorite colors and swatch them on the back of your hand. Then take some of Thank Me Later, apply it next to the existing shadows, and then apply those same shadows over our eye primer. There’s no way you won’t see the difference!

elizabeth mott thank me me later eye primer prevents creasing

Fourth step: complete the rest of your makeup. Add some foundation, contour, blush, highlighter, lipstick—whatever you want! No matter what, you’ll look flawless and stunning. 

Elizabeth Mott eyes primer enhances eyeshadow color

There you have it! Super easy, right? Eye primer doesn’t need to be hard or scary. Now, go forth and test out your favorite looks with Thank Me Later!

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