How to Make Mascara Look Good

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Mascara is a makeup staple and we’re here to show you how to make mascara look good, especially if you’re new to makeup. The purpose of mascara is to bring out your lashes’ natural volume and length and enhance them to look their best. It’s a product that works great for all looks—natural and bold, so how do you apply it? Elizabeth Mott has the answers, from how to apply mascara perfectly to how to stop it from smudging. So, let’s get started, and get your lashes looking their absolute best.

How to make mascara look natural

Mascara is fantastic for enhancing your natural features, so the trick to getting it to look natural as a product is to choose the mascara that’s right for you. Our It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara is perfect for those who need a little extra oomph in their look! This mascara will help enhance your lashes’ volume naturally. The It’s So Long Length Defining Mascara is perfect for anyone who needs a little help lengthening shorter lashes. This mascara will build your lashes’ length so that they look naturally long as you’d like them to be.

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Long Mascara Lengthens Your Lashes

What is the correct way to apply mascara?

When it comes to applying mascara, it’s important to start at the base of your lashes so that they get an even coat of our Memory Power Curving Polymer all across your lashes. Make sure that before you apply the mascara along the length of your lashes, you wiggle the wand back and forth to coat the base, and then move upward toward the tip of your lashes. The C-shaped silicone brush on our mascaras ensures that each lash is naturally separated, coated, and curled, so that each one gets the same beautiful treatment, making for the perfect application, no matter what.

How many coats of mascara should you use?

Figuring out how many coats of mascara you should use really comes down to how long or how volumized you want your lashes to look. The more coats you use of the It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara, the fuller the volume will be, and the more coats of the It’s So Long Length Defining Mascara, the longer your lashes will appear. It’s all about personal preference!

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara on model patchingupimperfections

How to separate lashes

The good news is when using our It’s So Big or It’s So Long mascaras, you won’t need to worry about separating your lashes for an even coating. The C-shaped silicone brush does that for you and allows each lash to get its own special treatment. This way, each one will be evenly coated and curled, so that you don’t have to worry about needing more coats (unless you want them!).

How to keep mascara from smudging

One of the biggest problems people have with modern mascaras is that they smudge easily. But the good news is, with our It’s So Big and It’s So Long mascaras, you won’t have to worry about that. While our formulas work to minimize smudging, clumping, and flaking, we also carry a product perfect for separating lashes and preventing those smudges: the Lash Card. These cards work to help you apply your mascara so that it goes on evenly and without smudge. (And pssst! Here’s a secret! The Lash Card is also great for getting a straight eyeshadow line—so it’s a win-win!)

Elizabeth Mott Lash Cards Helps to Prevent Mascara Smudging


Mascara is one of the most important products you can have in your makeup arsenal. It’s a must-have for any makeup look, but it might be hard to figure out how to make it work best for you. But with our, It’s So Big and It’s So Long mascaras, you’ll never have to worry—mascara has never been easier!

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