How To Contour With A Matte Bronzer?

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Matte Bronzer! You know that powder or cream that does…stuff? Very important stuff. For your face. Yeah...

Have you ever walked into a makeup store and been overwhelmed with the vast product selection? I mean, c’mon! Where do you even start? From dozens (let’s be real—probably thousands) of lipstick shades, eye shadow pigments, and foundation options, you might feel like you’re getting lost in the beauty hustle. So today we’re going back to the basics of…drum roll, please!

Bronzed and beautiful

While bronzer may seem a bit intimidating, let us assure you, it’s definitely not. Our Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer is everything you’ve been dreaming of! Our formulation is something special. We use conditioning color pigment polymers. Sounds fancy, right, but what do they actually do? Well, it prevents powder clumps, makes it long lasting, has consistent color payoff, and is sweat and oil resistant. Here at Elizabeth Mott we loooove a smooth, buttery bronzer that gives us a healthy-looking glow that lasts till ya wash it off.

         Best Matte Bronzer                

Now that you know what bronzer is and what it can do, your next question is probably: what’s the difference between bronzing and contouring?! Is it possible to contour with a bronzer? Lots of questions to which we have answers.

Bronzer vs. Contour

The main difference between bronzing and contouring is this: with bronzing, you’re helping your complexion achieve a warm, sun-kissed glow by dusting it over the areas of your face that the sun naturally hits (forehead, nose, cheeks). You can look like you sat on the beach all summer even in the dead of winter! But in reality, who has enough time to sit on the beach to tan? We surely don’t, so fake it we must! Plus, we’re saving our skin from the intense, damaging UV rays.  

On the other hand, contouring is where you’re using makeup to “draw” shadows on your face, which attracts attention to your best and favorite features! When it comes to contouring, you also want to make sure you pay attention to your face shape. Contouring different areas for your face shape can help slenderize and add definition. Some of the most common face shapes are: diamond, heart, oblong, oval, round, and square. Our Contour Palette offers a handy dandy pamphlet that can help you identify your face shape!

 This Contour Kit is a two for one!



This contour kit is a two for one

If you’re a go getter always on the move, and don’t want to carry our Contour Palette around with you, Whatup Beaches bronzer is your perfect alternative! A common place that you’ll want to sculpt is your cheekbones. Start from your ears and pull the brush down, and don’t go past your nose. If you have a more prominent forehead, concentrate Whatup Beaches over it, but make sure you’re blending it into your hairline, so it looks natural. One last common area that people contour is the jawline. Just sweep the powder along the jawline and buff that bad boy in.

Contour makeup   How to contour for beginnersContouring before and after*All models wearing Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer *

While most people associate contouring with adjectives like “sharp” and “slender,” you really, really, reallllly want to make sure you’re blending the bronzer in. A sharp contour is great until it looks unnatural. Whatup Beaches is not only the perfect bronzer for all skin tones, it’s also the perfect bronzer for blending. Our formulation is silky smooth. A beautiful dream to work with.  Remember this mantra to sing in your head while contouring: I’m buffing and blending and buffing and blending….perfection!

The easy answer to all your bronzing woes, Whatup Beaches has you covered for both bronzing and contouring! You’ll have your bronze on without the actual pain of sitting in the sun. Dust on the matte powder (or if you feel a bit adventurous check out Whatup Beaches in Luminous Bronzer) to warm up your skin or draw attention to your favorite features. Either way you’ll look great and be ready for anything!


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