How To Apply Mascara for Length

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Mascara is one of the easiest products to use, and one of the most common to incorporate into your daily makeup routine. But if you have short lashes, or simply want to use mascara to accentuate the length of your lashes, you might feel a little lost when you try to figure out where to start. Luckily, our mascaras are some of our best selling products, making it easy to achieve celebrity-like length, with just one easy step.

Apply Mascara for Length

What mascara is the best to use?

If you’re trying to gain length with your mascara, you’re going to want to find a mascara that specializes in just that. This means, mascaras that are going for volume won’t give you the same effect you’re trying to achieve with your look. Our It’s So Long Lengthening Mascara will give your eyelashes incredible length, using flexible tubing polymers that coat each lash individually.

Best mascara for long lashes

What is a flexible tubing polymer?

Flexible tubing polymers allow the mascara to truly coat each lash, making it possible for each lash to gain individual length, as well as protection from the elements. Our lashes mascaras are fully waterproof, sweatproof, and tear-proof, so with flexible tubing polymers in our It’s So Long Mascara, you’ll be able to truly go through your days without worry.

Elizabeth Mott It's So Long Length-Defining Mascara

How should I apply mascara for length?

Applying mascara for length is super easy. Simply comb the mascara wand over your lashes to coat them with our specially made mascara. With flexible tubing polymers, you’ll also easily be able to add more layers to your lash, making it easy to get even longer lashes with more layers of the mascara.

What if I want length and volume?

Because our mascaras work in layers, you’ll be able to layer both of our mascaras together for a combination of length and volume. Use our It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara for volume to get the best of both worlds in your look!

Disclaimer: May cause irritation. Stop use and contact a dermatologist if prolonged irritation or allergic reaction occurs.

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