2019 Holiday Makeup Looks Glitz, Glamour, & Gold

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Okay, so we’ve already gone over our favorite fall makeup looks, right? Next up are our favorite holiday makeup looks! We’ve got a lot to cover. Need a look for your office holiday party? Done. New Years Eve? Totally got you! You didn’t think we’d leave you high and dry, did you?

Christmas Makeup

The Bold and Beautiful Holiday Lips

Like our fall looks, we recommend deep, fun lips! This goes for holiday makeup looks too, so grab Color Is Bae (we have a hard time choosing between Red Chili and Daringly Red) and apply by itself, or use a lip liner for a more precise application.

Hot lip liner tip: don’t just outline and overdraw your lips. Go ahead and color in your lips as well. It’ll make liquid lipstick last longer.

If you’re not feeling a super long-lasting lip, you can always use the Color Is Bae Lip Crayons! Easy to apply, moisturizing, and pigmented—what more does a girl need? If your lips get suuuuper dry suuuuper easily, another hot tip is to use the lip crayons over the liquid lipstick for quick hydrating reapplication (these truly are the best baes ever).

Holiday Lipstick


Holiday Eye Makeup- Golden Views

Next, the eyes. Apply your favorite eye primer base (obviously ours is Thank Me Later) and then blend Nearly Nude from our Natural Palette all over your eyelid.

*NOTE: All the photos below were taken on an iPhone 6s. Photos have not been retouched*

Nude Eyeshadow

Then use Pop! Goes the Shadow in Goldy in your crease, outer corner, and underneath your lower lashes.  Blend, blend, blend your eyes of gold.

 Gold Makeup

Next, use Pop! Goes the Shadow in Champagne in the inner corner of your eye. If I’m feeling festive or getting ready for a night on the town, I usually add the Show Me Your Glow highlighter in the inner corners as well. This intensifies the shimmer and looks stunning! Also make sure you add some of the highlighter to your cheeks as well. You’re show stopping and bringing in the festivities, so why not have fun with the glitz and glam? 

Before moving on to the rest of the face, since this is a holiday and New Year’s Eve how-to, we’re going to go all out: eyeliner! Who doesn’t like a dramatic cat eye? Liquid eyeliner can seem overwhelming and difficult, but our No Lie Cat Eye and You’re So Fine pen and liquid liners are so-so-so easy to use! It just really depends on if you prefer felt tip or liquid at the end of the day. Try ‘em both if you’re not sure!

 winged eyeliner tips

Being real here, I still haven’t mastered the art of winged liner myself, so here’s a tip I’ve learned over the years. Grab a business card, credit card, or (like in the photos) a piece of tape and hold it up against your bottom lash line--the straight edge will help you map out and draw picture perfect wings. Work smarter not harder, my friends.

Face the Year Ahead in Style

Next, the face. Since your highlight should already be on (since we’re soooo good at multitasking), go ahead and apply the Luminous Whatup Beaches bronzer everywhere you usually bronze and contour.

Holiday Quick Contour

Contouring is as easy as drawing a “3,” because, well, that’s what you’re basically doing. Again, remember to blend, blend, blend.

  1. Start at your temples and pull the brush down, all the while ensuring you’re blending into the hairline

      Holiday Quick Contour

  1. Go from the top of your cheekbone and pull the brush down, but do not go past your nose!

         jaw contouring      cheek contour 

  1. Give that jaw some shape by blending the powder from your ear down

          jawline contouring      jawline sculpting

  1. Viola! You’ve sculpted your face using our best-selling luminous bronzer!

 3, 2, 1 Happy New Look!

Now grab your favorite blush--our is Peach Pink from Show Me Your Cheeks as it has gold particles that pull the entire look together-- and dust on lightly.

Our beautiful model, Elleana, showing off the final look! Lip color is Red Chili. 

           Before and After: 

          Holiday Makeup looks       Holiday Makeup looks


Be the Glitter!

She looks so cute and ready to rock the New Year!

New Years Makeup

You’ve worked hard with Santa this year to treat everyone on your list, now it’s time to treat yo’ self to some amazing makeup! You can find all the items to make a show stopping holiday look at elizabethmott.com and on amazon. All in all, for any holiday look, think glitter. Glitter this, glitter that. Glitter, glitter, glitter! Then you’re basically done! You’re ready for anything—you’ll dazzle your coworkers at the holiday office party and a kiss on New Year’s Eve with your sweetheart! Anything can happen. 

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