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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Elizabeth Mott is beauty with heart and proud to be cruelty-free and that includes our cruelty-free eye primer. It’s important to us that our Mott-ley crew receives effective, ethical beauty that they feel amazing in and proud to wear, which is why we chose to never test on animals. Don’t thank us for that, it’s common sense, what you can thank us for is our Thank Me Later Eye Primer. With over 1,300 five-star reviews on Amazon it’s easy to see why it’s the best cruelty-free eye primer on the market.

best eyeshadow primer

Wait, what the hell is an eye primer?

In short, it’s prep and protection. Like double sided tape it locks to your lid and ensures your gorgeous eye makeup is long lasting, vivacious, and crease fee. It’s there for you from the moment you put it on till you decide to wash it off.  Simply take a pea size amount of product and using either your finger or a brush, smooth a thin layer on top your lid, and voila! You’re ready to blend and rock your shadow knowing your hard work will last all day.

So why are you sooooo special, Thank Me Later?

Elizabeth Mott’s Thank Me Later cruelty-free eye primer utilizes pearl powder that brightens and balances skin tone. Let’s face it, all-nighters happen regardless if they’re an adventure, necessity, or an accident. If you fall victim to losing your beauty rest and don’t want your boss to see those dark lids, put a quick swipe of Thank Me Later on and watch it transform you from groaning zombie to bright eyed and bushy tailed (we won’t tell 😉).

cruelty free eye primer

Not to mention the formula is mega light and well-balanced, so you don’t even feel it, but trust us, it’s working its magic to prevent your shadows from creasing and deceasing. There’s nothing worse than spending an hour YouTubing and perfectly executing a killer look only to have it run off an hour later.  Don’t waste your time, just thank us later.

Proof is in the photos!

An E-mott team member tracked her day wearing Thank Me Later on her right eye, and no primer on her left. She then blended Pop! Goes the Shadow in Toasted and Fizz from the Natural palette on both. Here are her results.

*Note: photos taken on iPhone 6. Photos have not been retouched*

9:00am: Primer on the right, coffee ingested, and shadow is blended--ready to rock the day!

best eye makeup primer

 3:00pm: six hours later and my right eye is still vibrant—the left is having some trouble…I drink more coffee to keep myself just as vibrant, and finish up the day at the office.

9pm: 12 hours and a 30 minute sweat infused HIIT workout later, my right eye is still feeling itself, and the left, well, she left the party a long time ago.

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Thank Me Later Follows Through

Wow! Her eye shadow was still going strong even after a sweat session! Through sweaty workouts to oil-prone skin Thank Me Later will grip, so your makeup does not slip—it has one job and excels at it. This product is promising you a lot, and we know it will follow through…unlike your ex. So, for the best cruelty-free, oil-combating, lightweight, brightening, superhero, best eye-primer out on the market, visit Elizabeth Mott’s website and order our Thank Me Later Eye Primer. While you’re there, check out some of our other products. All our formulations are cruelty-free, so you can swipe on your favs and play the day away. You won’t regret it!   

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