5 Easy Mascara Hacks for Long Lashes

mascara hacks

What would anyone even need a mascara hacks? when you think of mascara, you’re probably thinking: “oh! Everyone has mascara in their makeup bags. It’s a staple for most beauty looks. It’s so easy to use!” Well, sure. Mascara definitely has the power to pull a look together, but there’s soooo many different types of mascaras and soooo many different kinds of lashes! You gotta know how to make that mascara work for you!

So, here’s some quick and easy tips that’ll help you get the most out of your mascara.

1. First things first: use It's So Long Mascara, duh! It’s AH-MAZING. This cruelty-free mascara lengthens and defines lashes with its innovative C-curve silicone brush. Even those tiny lashes in the corners get the special treatment. The unique ‘Memory Power Curving Polymer’ keeps its shape to retain the curl of your lashes and 360º coating to build lashes to the maximum length, all the while specialized carbon chains integrate with natural waxes creating a lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh your lashes down. This step is a no brainer. 

Lengthening Mascara Elizabeth Mott

How do you keep mascara from clumping? That Leads Us Here

2. Wipe off your mascara brush! You can easily wipe off some of the excess mascara on a tissue or at the opening of the mascara tube. If you forget to wipe it off and already applied the mascara to your lashes (and they’re looking mighty…clumpy and stuck together), take a q-tip and just gently wipe the clumps away, and separate your lashes if they’ve gotten stuck together.

3. Another staple tip is to make sure you’re “wiggling” the mascara wand at the root of your lashes. Then, swipe the wand up to coat the ends of your lashes as well. Doing this helps lengthen your lashes and give them some extra volume throughout the day! Repeat The Wiggle as needed.

How to apply mascara

4. (We almost didn’t believe this next mascara hack
until we tried it)  If you’re applying your eye makeup before doing your lashes and you have some fallout from the power, don’t wipe that powder away! It’ll act as a volumizer on your lashes and make them look fuller. Who doesn’t want fuller lashes?

5. Last, but not least, use a Lash Card. Sometimes we all need an extra helping hand  you closer to your lashes roots and ensures your mascara does not smudge or touch your skin because the smudged-mascara-raccoon-eye look is so passé. Simply lift your lashes onto the Lash Card and apply mascara with The Wiggle technique. 

lash card Elizabeth Mott

So, obviously we tried all of these techniques with our It’s So Long Length Defining Mascara! While it’s one of our all-time faves, we love a good makeup hack that makes our products work even better!

Long Lash Mascara

What makes It’s So Long so special, you ask? Well, besides being easy as heck to use, it gives you dramatic length while also separating your lashes, maintains eyelash curl, and is perfect for layering so you can build up that perfect eye look. Did we mention it’s also suuuuper lightweight, easy to remove, and doesn’t give you racoon eyes?

There you have it! Go try some of these mascara hacks and let us know what worked best for you! And remember, practice makes perfect.


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Melissa Hedges currently resides in Colorado with her two chihuahua mixes, Pele and Siggi. In her free time, she's scoping out fancy brunch spots, playing with makeup, spoiling her dogs, and co-editing CEO, a literary magazine. Find her on Instagram @hedgesmc  

  • Best Lengthening Mascara It's So Long by Elizabeth Mott
It's So Long

Length Defining Mascara



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