2019 Summer Beauty Trends--Bronzed Goddess

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Summer is HERE—are you guys ready for it?! As much as we love winter and springtime, glowing and bronzed skin during the summer is one of our favorite looks. Who doesn’t love healthy and radiant looking skin?!

So, now you just need some of our tips, tricks and a quick tutorial on how to throw this look together! Since the main focus of our favorite summertime makeup look is being bronzed to the gods, you’ll want to make sure you have Whatup Beaches Luminous Bronzer on hand, along with a few other products.

Products to get you from day to night

 Like always, use your favorite products and tweak as needed. Some other products you’ll want to grab: Thank Me Later Face Primer, Queen of the Fill Brow Gel, Color is Bae, Show Me Your Cheeks Blush, It’s So Big, Pop! Goes the Shadow, Set For Life, and Show Me Your Glow. We’ll be covering a daytime look that easily transitions to a night on the town.

Eye Spy Sunshine

First, grab your favorite bright eye shadow palette. Apply a nice coral color, like a hot pink—you can even use Show Me Your Cheeks in Bright Coral--to your crease and then add a shimmery gold shadow, like Pop! Goes the Shadow in Champagne, in the inner corner of your eye. Once you’re done with that and feeling fancy, go ahead and grab It’s So Big and apply the mascara to your lashes. You’ll want them BIG for this look, so make sure you layer a few times.


Glowing Goddess Alert!

Next is the face. Warm up our Thank Me Later Face Primer in your hands and apply it all over your face. Make sure you’re focusing on areas that tend to get the oiliest-- Thank Me Later will absorb that darn sebum! Next, grab Whatup Beaches Luminous Bronzer and make sure you apply it generously to the hollows of your cheeks, forehead (make sure you blend into your hairline here!), and jawline.

Mattifying Face Primer

Since the summertime is all about glowing, healthy skin, Whatup Beaches will help you get that extra umph! The glitter in the formula blends seamlessly into the skin and doesn’t look chunky. Just luminous and bronzed without the pain of sitting in the sun.


You’ll want to apply the Show Me Your Cheeks Blush in Bright Coral to the apples of your cheeks, and make sure you blend it in well against the bronzer. No one wants harsh lines in their makeup!

Set for Summer

Don't let the summer sun ruin your work. Grab the lightweight Set For Life and lock in your concealer and foundation. You'll ensure your makeup is set in place and you won't have that nasty flashback taking selfies all day. 


 Brows That Last Through Summer Heat

Next up is Queen of the Fill Eyebrow Gel—grab your color and fill in your brows (you can even use our Queen of the Fill Brow Pomade first to get those sharp, crisp looking brows that are so on trend right now). Once you’re done with that, grab Color is Bae Liquid Lipstick in Red Chili (or any other bright color, really) to top off the look.

Simple, right? Not a lot of work for a fun, put together summer look. If you’re looking to take this daytime look to nighttime, look no future! Grab Show Me Your Glow and apply it over the tops of your cheeks. Even though the sun has set everyone will still be able to see you glow!

What are your favorite summertime looks and tips and tricks? One can never have too many makeup looks saved for a sunny day.

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