Eyeshadow Primer - Why you need to use one

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Feel like you’re too busy for an eye shadow primer? Okay, so have you ever found yourself running around like crazy, minding your own business, and then suddenly you’re looking in a mirror and realize that your eyeshadow and eyeliner that you applied only a few hours ago looks like a total and complete hot mess? Smeared, messy, and unprofessional looking. Yikes!

Last time that happened to us was in either middle of high school—when we didn’t know anything about makeup or eyeshadow primers. Here at Elizabeth Mott, we have a secret for you: eyeshadow primer. Specifically, our Thank Me Later Eye Primer!

Shadow to shadow, dust to dust, Thank Me Later is the one we lust!

So…we’ve told you our top-secret weapon. What does it do, exactly? A heck of a lot to put it simply. 

Well, as the name suggests, eye primers prime your eyelid, so your eyeshadow and eyeliner don’t fade away or smear throughout the day. Eye primers come in multiple different shades and formulas that have (sometimes) very different functions.

Cruelty-free eye primer

For example, some eye primers have a glittery base. This makes glittery and shimmery shadows pop and dazzle! Some cream-colored ones are specifically designed to cover and hide eyelid discoloration and veins on the eyelids. And so on and so forth.

Besides the staying power, eyeshadow primer helps with a few more things. When you apply eye primer, it also creates a smooth surface where shadows can be applied and blended more easily. It also ensures that the eye look you took the time to create doesn’t crease. Along with a smooth application and anti-creasing, eye primers help enhance eyeshadow colors overall! Primers give shadows that extra pop that enriches all shadow shades.

Best eyeshadow primer

My personal favorite function of eye primers is the fact that they’re great for oily lids! Thank Me Later in particular has saved many an eye looks from the midday oily lid onslaught. On a rare day that I forego my usual day glam looks, I just apply Thank Me Later to even out the discoloration on my eyelids and absorb and combat my oily lids. Throw on some mascara, and it’s a chill look!

But wait, there’s more!

Eye shadow primer isn’t just for the eyelids! You can use it under your eyes, especially if you’re prone to dark circles and creasing there. Thank Me Later + concealer under the eye, is a power duo; it’ll help prevent creasing and make your under eyes last longer. Just make sure you set it with a setting powder. 

HOT TIP: try Set for Life setting powder! It’s Cruelty-free, minimizes pores, makes skin look smooth, prevents white cast flashback in photos, sweat and oil resistant, and can be worn over makeup or over moisturized skin. The best setting powder out on the market, from our experience 😉

Another way to use eye primer is to help cover blemishes and hyperpigmentation. If you apply a small amount to your index finger, and then pat the primer over any blemish you have, it’ll help ensure your makeup stays put and covers that particular spot all day long.

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Eye Primer is a necessity, my friends

Have you converted to our holy grail product yet?! If not, what are you waiting for? If you asked everyone here at Elizabeth Mott what their favorite and go-to product is, I’d bet most of them would say the Thank Me Later Eye Primer. Who doesn’t love long lasting eye shadow? No creasing? Color enhancing? Oil control?! It’s everything a makeup lover wants and needs in their bag.  

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