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Why Brow Gel you ask?

Back in the day nobody used brow gel, remember the late 90s and early 2000s where everyone had suuuuuper thin eyebrows? And that was the chic, coveted look? Were you also one of those kids who found their mom’s razor and accidentally shaved off their entire eyebrow trying to get The Look? RIP, eyebrows. We never got a chance to know your full potential.             

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know it’s 2019 and big, bold brows are in. If you go to the beauty or makeup hashtag on Instagram, you’ll find hundreds (if not thousands) of speedy eyebrow tutorials using tinted eyebrow gel. They all have the same basic mechanics: sharp, dramatic arches and they’re totally filled in. Spotless looking, really.

                Tinted Eyebrow Gel

So! Normal people—do you have time to draw on your brows every single day? Do you even want to? Or do you want a simpler, easier way to fill in your brows for your everyday work routine? As always, Elizabeth Mott’s best brow gel has got you covered.

Why use Queen of the Fill Tinted Brow Gel?

But first, some common issues with the current brow products on the market: the products don’t actually fill in your brows or don’t cover up sparse spots, you can’t find a color to match your brow hair, looks drawn on and unnatural, etcetera, etcetera. The list goes on and on!

Well, our Queen of the Fill Eyebrow Gel checks every category you could possibly want when it comes to a brow gel. First things first: it comes in 5 different colors (blonde, light medium, medium dark, auburn, and black), so finding a color match just got easier. It also has a tapered spiralized brush head, so the wand delivers just the right amount of product to your brows. And it’s super easy to use. 

 brow gel brush                   

Film Forming Polymer Technology

One of our favorite things about the Queen of the Fill formula employs is its film-forming polymer technology. Need it in layman’s terms? It makes your brows look fuller. Much fuller with it’s brow building technology.

best brow gel

So, the polymer technology coats each hair completely (think 360 degrees). Instantly, your brows look bigger and fuller. Have some sparse patches or bald spots? The polymer makes sure your brows look even from arch to end no matter what.

Since the polymer is coating your brow hairs, that also means that it easily covers up any gray hairs you might have (if you want to cover it up, of course!). You don’t need to dye your brows—just use Queen of the Fill. You (and your brows) definitely won’t regret it.

brows before and after  brows before and after

Queen of the Fill brow filler is also sweat and water resistant. Don’t have time to take off your makeup before your workout, or just want to hop in the pool, brows and all, to cool down? Don’t worry, Queen of the Fill stays in place and doesn’t budge. However, when you’re ready to part ways with it, Queen of the Fill easily comes off with warm water and your favorite makeup remover.brow filler

Queen of the Fill Provides Your Brows With the Royal Treatment!

So, what have we learned? 90s babies probably shaved off their brows (oops) and they may not have recovered. With our Queen of the Fill Eyebrow Gel you can easily get fuller, natural looking brows that match your hair color. Need we say more?

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