How to Make Your Foundation Illuminating

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Elizabeth Mott is here to let you know how to make your foundation illuminating. It’s all about the products and/or a combination of the beauty products that you use in your routine. Your foundation should be just that: the foundation that you build the rest of your makeup look on top of. But if you’re trying to bring out some of your natural brightness, it only makes sense that you’ll want that perfect base layer to be illuminating as well as smooth. Your foundation should be what sets the blank canvas that you’ll build your look on top of, and if you want that look to be bright and ethereal, you’ll want your foundation to do the same! So, how do you make your foundation illuminating? Here at Elizabeth Mott, we’ve worked to figure out how you can do exactly that with ease and compiled our favorite tips for you, so that you can create your best and brightest look.

Mix Our Illuminating Primer With Your Favorite Foundation

When trying to set an illuminating primer for your ideal look, it’s always a great idea to mix your favorite foundation that works for your skin tone with our Illuminating Face Primer. Not only will our Illuminating Primer add a beautiful bright shine to your face, but it will also help your makeup stay locked in place all day, starting with your foundation. This will help your look be its best self, from the start, and help it stay that way throughout your day, no matter what it is you find yourself doing, from hot yoga to a long workday.

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Use an Illuminating Powder Over Your Foundation

Another option for adding some glow to your look is to apply your foundation first and then apply an illuminating powder on top. Once you add your favorite foundation, it’s always a good idea to use our Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow and Highlighter to make it glow! This highlighter can be used for everything, from your eyes to your cheeks, by simply adding a simple glow and shine to your face, so that your look can shimmer from the start in a way that sets the base for your whole look to truly shine!

Elizabeth Mott Illuminating Champagne Highlighter

Top Your Cheeks With A Glowy Blush

Our last tip for you to get that perfect glow you’ve been waiting for is to top your cheeks with a glowy blush. Our Show Me Your Cheeks Powder Blush is our favorite blush for doing just that. Choose the tone that’s best for your skin tone and bring out a natural warmth in your cheeks before you set out for the day. It’s the perfect way to bring out a natural glow from your favorite foundation, and add a glowy natural flush to your face with minimal effort.

Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Cheeks Blush On itslauraglam
When it comes to making that foundation glow, there are so many options. From Illuminating Primer to glowy powder, to warm blush, you’ll have so many options for adding some glow and shine to your face. You can even combine these for some extra illumination! So, get ready to shine, and put some shimmer in your step before you head out for the day!

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