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Cruelty free page

If you want the best cruelty-free makeup, you want Elizabeth Mott — it’s long-lasting with bold colors and smooth textures. We’ve used the best of Korean beauty technologies to produce cruelty-free skincare and makeup for an American audience with diverse skin tones.  Go from morning meetings to evening drinks and always look stunning. Every gal needs makeup that’s long lasting because, in our fast-paced world, no one has time to re-apply.

 Cosmetics should be fun. Having innovative cruelty-free makeup is important to Elizabeth Mott and something we take very seriously because high-quality cosmetics shouldn't be harmful to anyone including animals.  From the best-of-the-best cruelty-free mascara to our wonderfully imaginative eye shadow, eyeliner, lipsticks, blush, primers, and powders, every product you can feel good about - it's cosmetics with a heart. All of our cruelty-free cosmetics are designed to be long-lasting and look vibrant. If your style is natural or if it's bold we believe everyone is born beautiful. Our models are shown with no retouching, no photoshopping, no rib removing. Keeping it real is what we do.

 Here at Elizabeth Mott, we believe in offering amazing cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare. We use the philosophies and the advanced technology of Korean cosmetics. Korean beauty is known for producing the most innovative and high-performing makeup that is modern, bold and that has an outstanding performance that American women love - if you're happy then we're happy! 

Alice Kim, the founder of Elizabeth Mott, who grew up loving Korean beauty products "I searched up and down the aisles of major U.S. retailers looking for the unique beauty products that I saw in Korea, but couldn't find any. My mission was to create cosmetics using Korea's cutting-edge technology while formulating it for the American lifestyle. I worked with the top Korean labs, and in 2012 introduced my first product- It's So BIG volumizing mascara. It went on to become an online cult classic. Not bad for a first timer".

 Alice believes that every woman is born beautiful. Elizabeth Mott believes in having an array of cruelty-free makeup, skincare and makeup tools for your beauty regimen that will show off your natural glow and bold sassy style, including our award-winning It's So Big Volumizing Mascara, Thank Me Later Eye Primer and Face Primer, Show Me Your Glow Highlighter, Queen of the Fill Brow Gel,  Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer, and our newest product Set For Life Loose Setting Powder, everything you pick off our digital shelves is a product you can feel good about. We offer striking shades, tones, and formulas created for American women because wearing makeup should be easy and you should always look flawless in our stay all day cosmetics. So remember, you are already beautiful - we just are happy to help you enhance it.