Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels
Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels
Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels
Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels
Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels
Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels
Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels
Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels

Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels

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The Deets

Introducing the Thank Me Later Clean Face Towels, your superhero sidekick for a fresh-faced glow that will make heads turn! These bio-based towels are here to save the day, offering you an ultra-soft and non-abrasive cleansing experience like no other. With their chemical-free, 100% natural goodness, these towels are your secret weapon for gently yet effectively removing makeup and leaving your skin feeling pampered and sensational. Say goodbye to sensitive skin woes and hello to a clean and radiant complexion that’s ready to conquer the world!  

Ideal for:  

  • Gentle makeup removal • Cleansing and drying wet or dry • All skin types, including sensitive skin • Eco-conscious beauties • On-the-go lifestyles • Cleaning beauty tools  

Why it's SO good:  

  • Ultra-soft, non-abrasive cleansing towel that is chemical free, 100% natural, and unscented - great for sensitive skin.  
  • Gently yet effectively removes makeup with micellar water or makeup remover.  
  • Each bio-based towel is compostable and created to be used up to 4 times before being disposed of - up to 200 uses per box for 50 reusable towels!  
  • Harbors fewer bacteria than traditional pads and towels, where particles can build up and become trapped in the fibers even after laundering.  
  • Does not accumulate lint like traditional towels, as it never goes into the wash. Wring out the face towel under running water and hang it to dry, should you choose to re-use.   
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly   
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

The Formula

Chemical viscose 

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