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Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less. We want to know one or two things that you'd want someone to know about you?

I am creative, soulful, and exuberant. I am most concern with being the most authentic version of me while also empowering the women around me.

What are you most grateful for in life?

I am grateful for all the adventures I get to embark on. I am grateful for the people who I meet along the way.

Who do you find beautiful – and what makes them beautiful to you?

I think women who takes risks and are willing to be vulnerable are the most beautiful. Whenever, I encounter a woman like that I can sense it and shines through.

Was there ever a time that you felt ugly? What happened and how did you react?

I started to feel ugly when I was very young. I was always taller, heavier, and darker than all the other little girls. I was also somewhat unruly and unkempt and always wanting to get my hands dirty. There was a lot of painful teasing that would leave me in tears.  

  • red chili
  • Moxie Mauve
  • Daringly Red
  • Nudist
  • Plumsicle
Color is Bae

Liquid Lipstick

  • It’s So Big
It’s So Big

Volumizing Mascara

  • peach pink
  • soft pink
  • bright coral
Show Me Your Cheeks

Powder Blush

  • Thank Me Later Eye Primer

  • It’s So Big
It’s So Big

Volumizing Mascara

  • Cruelty-free Highlighter Show Me Your Glow by Elizabeth Mott
Show Me Your Glow

Shimmer Shadow and Highlighter


  • Matte PrimerMatte primer Cruelty-free Face Primer Thank Me Later by Elizabeth Mott
  • Illuminating Primer

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