When To Use Setting Powder?

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When to use setting powder is a common question. It’s getting to be that time—the time of year where your makeup is put to the ultimate is a test: Warm weather is coming Dun dun duuun! Do you feel your makeup sliding off yet, it’s coming and you want to be ready? Are your all day setting sprays pleading for mercy? Do you feel…cakey? If so, have we got a treat for you!

Here at Elizabeth Mott, we just launched our Set for Life Setting Powder in both Translucent and Medium Deep! Woowhoo! Confetti time! About time, right? Better late than never.

Elizabeth Mott Set For Life Setting Powder

What is Setting Powder?

So. Setting Powder? It definitely is a must-have product in your beauty bag. Set for Life is suuuuper lightweight and keeps your makeup locked in place alllll day long. And it’s cruelty-free! Easy right? But you might be asking, “but why do you have 2 shades? Translucent should just work for everyone.”

Spoiler…it doesn’t. Darker skin tones can have a harder time locking in their makeup with translucent powders. It can look like there’s a “layer” of white just sitting on top of the skin. Nobody likes that! And with Medium Deep, that won’t happen!

Elizabeth Mott setting powder medium deep prevents flashback

Also, hot tip: Medium Deep prevents flashback from cameras. Aaaand it’s lightweight, meaning your face won’t feel “heavy” throughout those warm summer days (or during any season, really—we’ve just got summer on the brain). Our Translucent shade is basically the same! The main difference is that it minimizes flashback versus prevents it.

Elizabeth Mott Translucent Setting Powder Is Oil-absorbing shown on model

Face Oil, No More!

Both shades are also oil-absorbing. So, for all of my oily t-zone peeps—we heard you! Loud and clear. Our formula contains conditioning color pigment polymers, which means Set for Life are sweat and oil-resistant as well. So that look you spent forever making? She’s set right where you put her.

Makeup Setting Powder By Elizabeth Mott doesn’t oxidize on the skin

One thing that some setting powders (and even foundations) are notorious for is oxidation. In the makeup world, when your powder is oxidizing, it’s changing color—usually becoming a shade or two darker, which can ultimately make your face not match your neck (or the rest of your skin tone, really). Set for Life doesn’t have this issue!

Set here, set there, set everywhere!

Another perfect use for Set for Life: baking! And setting yours under eyes! Need to “sharpen” your contour? Liberally apply Set for Life right under your contour and let it sit while you finish up the rest of your makeup (this is why we sometimes leave our eyes for last). When you’re done, you can wipe and blend Set for Life away and see how amazing your contour looks!

ayeitzkelleh wearing Elizabeth Mott cruelty-free setting powder

@ayeitzkelleh: "Want makeup that is color matching, mattifying, no flashback, & non-cakey and has no creasing? Then Elizabethmott is your go-to! Try this makeup brand! It’s amazing! As you can see the before and after picture of the product above."

For setting your under eyes, all you need to do is apply your foundation, concealer, or just moisturizer all over and make sure you blend any streaks out. Dust Set for Life beneath your eyes to lock your foundation/concealer/moisturizer in for the rest of the day. It won’t move no matter what! At least until you wipe it away with your favorite makeup remover.

Here at Elizabeth Mott, we love minimizing our pores and smoothing our skin. So, no matter where you apply Set for Life Setting Powder over (be it foundation or moisturizer), it’ll smooth everything out and give you that flawless look everyone’s looking for.

Now that we’ve all been blessed with Set for Life, go forth and take alllll the selfies (with flash on or off!). That flashback ain’t gonna get any of us beauties down!

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