What Are the Best Brushes for Eyeshadow?

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What are the best brushes for eyeshadow? Eyeshadow is ideal for getting a bold and creative look, but if you’re new to applying it, you might not quite know where to start with the brushes you need to apply it exactly the way you want to. There are so many brush options for eyeshadow, and we love them all, but each one is great for a different reason. Here at Elizabeth Mott, we have so many brush options, so we’ve compiled all of them into a list perfect for figuring out your ideal eyeshadow brush for your look.

All-Over Shadow Brush

An All-over Shadow Brush from Elizabeth Mott is ideal for applying eyeshadow in one super easy step, without missing a spot. This type of brush is perfect for easily applying one color all over your lids. An all-over shadow brush is great for applying eyeshadow due to its dense bristles so that you can easily grab the perfect amount of color, and easily apply it to your lids.

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Eyeshadow Blending Brush

An Eyeshadow Blending Brush is fantastic for helping you to blend all your favorite eyeshadow shades together for the perfect put-together look. With this brush, buff and blend away so you get that flawless eye look you’ve been striving for.

Tapered Blending Brush

A Tapered Blending Brush is ideal for so many unique looks and isn’t just good for eyeshadow. You can also use it to highlight and contour to help bring definition to your face. When it comes to your eyeshadow, though, use this brush to blend different shades and guide powder exactly where you want it without risk of smudge or over applying.

Elizabeth Mott Tapered Blending Brush for Easy Eyeshadow Application

Small Angled Eye Makeup Brush

The small angled eye makeup brush is double-sided and is fantastic for grooming your eyebrows, but can also be used to apply eyeshadow liner. While the spoolie is best used for meticulously blending brow products, the densely packed bristles and angled shape on the opposite end will truly help you to apply eyeshadow used as a liner with precision, just like it will help you apply brow pomade carefully to mimic eyebrow hair strokes perfectly.

Choosing the best brush for your eyeshadow can feel overwhelming, but the truth is, there are plenty of choices, and while they’re all good for different things, they’re also all equally good for applying eyeshadow in a unique way.

Elizabeth Mott’s best eyeshadow brushes

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