Should I Use Matte Bronzer or Shimmer Bronzer?

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Bronzer is trending big right now, and there’s no better way to warm up your everyday makeup look. The question you may find yourself wondering is should I use Matte Bronzer or Shimmer Bronzer? If you’ve never used bronzer before, it can be overwhelming. There are tons of options when it comes to bringing some beachy bronze warmth to your face, and Elizabeth Mott is here to bring you only the best. From matte versus shimmer bronzer to the options of contour and highlighter, Elizabeth Mott has you, and your face covered.

What Is The Purpose Of Bronzer?

Bronzer is used to bring natural warmth to your face. The main point of using bronzer is to make certain parts of your skin darker, but not mask your natural beauty. In darkening certain portions of your face, you’re adding natural warmth to your skin, allowing for it to look healthier as if you just stepped off the beach.

Elizabeth Mott Bronzer Application Before and After on Model

Can You Use Bronzer To Contour?

While you might think that you can pull double duty and use your bronzer to contour as well, the truth is, it simply won’t do the same job your favorite contour will. Instead of using your bronzer as a contour, use a matte bronzer first as a way to bring out your skin’s natural warmth, and then use Elizabeth Mott’s Contour Palette to bring out your face’s structure.

Where Do You Apply Shimmer Bronzer?

So now, you might be wondering whether a shimmer or a matte bronzer is right for you. When it comes to applying shimmer bronzer, you should focus on the natural sun-kissed parts of your face—your cheeks, nose, and forehead—so that you can achieve a look that says summer, even in the darkest winter months. Luminous bronzer is best used on parts of your face that aren’t naturally oily, though, as adding a shimmer will only bring out more shine. For oily skin, it’s best to use matte bronzer on these parts of your face, and luckily, Elizabeth Mott carries both!

Elizabeth Mott Bronzer Application Showing Application Where The Sun Hits

Can You Use Bronzer And Contour At The Same Time?

You can definitely use bronzer and contour at the same time! Bronzer and contour are actually the perfect pair, and you’ll find the perfect combination in Elizabeth Mott’s Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer, and Contour Palette. That bronzer is fantastic for giving your face a naturally warm look, and the Contour Palette will give you a choice of three contour shades (and three highlighter shades as well!). This combination is fantastic for bringing out your cheekbones, jawline, forehead, and nose in a flawless way that shows the world you’re ready for whatever your day can throw at you.

Are There Different Shades of Bronzer and Contour?

Now, you might be thinking, how can I know which combination is right for my skin tone? Of course, there are definitely different contour shades, and Elizabeth Mott’s Contour Palette comes with three, perfect for every skin tone or makeup look you might be trying to achieve. The Whatup Beaches Bronzers do not come in different shades, but instead, come in either Matte or Shimmer in a universally flattering tone, so you can have options when it comes to creating your perfect look. If you want your bronzer to be darker, simply apply more, so you can get the perfect, warm, beachy look you’re striving for.

Elizabeth Mott Bronzer Before And After Pictures on Various Skintones of Models

What About Face Highlighting?

We’ve talked a lot about bronzing and contouring, but what about highlighting? First off, you can absolutely use highlighter, contour, and bronzer at the same time, and you’ll look great when you do! Highlighter is used to attract light, meaning that it brightens your skin, which is an awesome combination when you’re already trying to bring out your skin’s natural warmth with bronzer. Aside from the three highlighter shades that come in the Elizabeth Mott Contour Palette, there is also the Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow and Highlighter, a highlighter that can also function as eyeshadow. It brings out the high points on your face with natural pearlescent and works flawlessly with the Whatup Beaches Bronzers to bring light and warmth to your beautiful face.

Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow Highlighter

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Bronzer can feel overwhelming at first, but the truth is, it’s easier to work with than you think. It’s meant to warm up your face, and in the chilly winter months, you’ll be wanting that warmth more than ever. Bronzer works perfectly with both contour and highlighter, and the combination of the three is sure to give you a look so unique that you’ll keep returning to these products over and over again in different ways.

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