Lipsticks That Work Under a Face Mask

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What lipsticks work under a face mask? We’re all social distancing and doing our part by wearing masks in public, but despite our faces being covered up, confidence is still key, and creating a look you love might be part of that confidence for you. While your lips might be covered in crowded places, you’ll take off your mask to eat, take pictures in outdoor spaces, and once you get home, and looking your best is key to happiness. Many lipsticks won’t work under a mask, but Elizabeth Mott lipsticks will! You’re bound to love our Color Is Bae Liquid Lipstick and Tints and Sass Lip Tint, but we’re here to help you decide which is best for your look.

Liquid Lipsticks Are a Good Option

When it comes to finding a lipstick that can withstand anything, you can’t go wrong with our Color Is Bae Liquid Lipstick. This is a full-coverage lipstick full of color, so it’s good for creating a bold and polished look ready for any occasion. It’s smooth, versatile, and long-lasting, so you can guarantee that your whole look is at its best, even under a mask.

Lip Tints Can Also Be a Good Choice

Lip tints are amazing for providing all-day color, even under a mask. Our Tints and Sass Lip Tint is amazing for a lightweight non-drying lip color that’s sure to withstand anything. It not only smells like cherries, but it’s long-lasting, easy to layer for a bolder color, and can even be used as a cheek stain if you want a little more rosy in your look.

More Tips on Lip Products Under Your Face Mask

Getting makeup to stay, even while under a mask might seem challenging, but you can’t go wrong with locking your look in place with our favorite Thank Me Later Setting Spray. This setting spray is lightweight and easy to apply with just one quick mist to keep your look in place all day. This is ideal for lip colors and will help your lipstick stay put, even when you have to wear a mask.

belleish wearing Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Setting Spray

Lip Products That Aren’t Sticky

When you’re wearing a mask all day, it’s super important that you find lip products to use that won’t get sticky, even on hot days. Both our Tints and Sass Lip Tint and Color is Bae Liquid Lipstick do not dry sticky, and you can even guarantee that our Tints and Sass Lip Tint won’t dry your lips out, even once it dries. These products are amazing for lasting all day long, even under difficult conditions.

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Clear Lip Products Like Lip Treatments and Balms

If you aren’t looking for a bold look, go for something more subtle (and healing), such as our sister company’s Lip Treatments from Hanalei. These Lip Treatments use real Hawaiian Botanicals to heal your lips while helping you look your best. They come in Clear as well as tints such as Rose, Red, and Dragon Fruit, so you can go as bold or as subtle as you want while creating healthier lips.

Your lips want to look their best, even when they have to cover up. With our Tints and Sass Lip Tint and Color is Bae Liquid Lipstick, you can look and feel as good as you want, even on days when you have to wear a mask. Confidence is key to happiness, so knowing you look the way you want to, might help you feel a little better, even during uncertain times.

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