How to Use an Eyeliner Pencil

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Eyeliner is one of those makeup staples that you just have to know how to use for any makeup look you may be trying to achieve. If you’re new to makeup, you might not be super well versed in eyeliner, and that’s okay! Here at Elizabeth Mott, we love our eyeliner pencils, and we love teaching people how to use them, so we’re here to answer all your eyeliner questions you might have as you navigate your makeup journey.

What should I look for in an eyeliner pencil?

We recommend looking for eyeliner that’s easy to apply, stays on all day, and comes in colors that compliment your eyes. We love our Smooth Shadow Eye Pencil for this because of its versatility, color options, and the fact that it stays put all day long.

Pencil eyeliner look

What is the best eyeliner pencil to use?

Our Smooth Shadow Eye Pencil is our favorite eyeliner pencil to use. It’s creamy, easy to apply, and comes in three colors, to help you create any look you could imagine. It comes in Pearl, Penny, and Raven, so you can choose the color or colors that work best for the look you’re trying to create. The best part is, it’s fully waterproof, so you can do anything you need to throughout your day and still look your very best!

How to apply pencil eyeliner

How do you apply an eyeliner pencil?

Eyeliner is easier to apply than you think! If you’re applying it to your upper lid, simply draw along your lash line to accentuate your lashes or create a cat eye. If you’re applying eyeliner to a lower lid or your waterline, draw alone the base of your lashes and make sure you fill in any spots that look uneven so that you can get the most out of your eyeliner.

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Disclaimer: May cause irritation. Stop use and contact a dermatologist if prolonged irritation or allergic reaction occurs.

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