How to Make Your Eyes Pop?

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Elizabeth Mott is here to let you know how to make your eyes pop. Bold eyes are the key to a bold look, but getting your eyes to pop seamlessly can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. Here at Elizabeth Mott, we love creating unique eye looks made to pop, so that your eyes can stand out in a way that says, “look at me,” with confidence. These are our go-to steps for creating bold eyes that pop, so that, no matter what your day brings you, you have the power to stand out in a crowd, effortlessly.

Push A Dark Color Eyeshadow Into The Upper Lash Line

The best first step to creating a bold eye look is to use a dark-colored eyeshadow. It’s important to apply this only to your upper lash line—we’ll be applying more color later! Use a flat brush to do this for a seamless look. Our favorite dark eyeshadow is our Pop! Goes the Shadow Eyeshadow in Stars at Night. This dramatic dark shimmer shadow has the power to make your lashes look darker, even before mascara.

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Add A Pop Of Bright Eyeshadow

Next, it’s time to add a pop of color to bring attention to your eyes. Our Pop! Goes the Shadow Eyeshadow in Teal is our go-to, for a bold look that isn’t overwhelming. This eyeshadow is buildable and allows you to apply color once for an all-day look that lasts. This shimmer shadow is sure to bring you that bold look you’ve been waiting for, for a pop of teal that will have all your friends wondering where you got that color from.

Double Up The Mascara For Length And Volume

Usually, you might just focus on getting volume or length, depending on what you felt your eyes needed, but for this bold look, it’s time to focus on both. With our It’s So Big and It’s So Long Mascaras, you’ll have the power to add volume and length at the same time. These long-lasting mascaras are celebrity-approved, and are water, tear, and sweat resistant. It’s So Big is known as a tubing mascara, meaning they contain flexible tubing polymers that individually coat each lash for a bold look that pops.

It’s So Big Tubing Mascara Elizabeth Mott

Frame Your Eyes With Brow Products

Now that you’ve finished your bold eye look, it’s time to finish it off with everyone’s favorite: brows. Our Queen of the Fill Brow Pomade is easy to use, and individually coats each hair for a natural, yet bold look that’s sure to bring all the attention to your beautiful eyes.

When it comes to achieving an eye look that pops, it truly isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Simply combining a dark and a colorful eyeshadow with two amazing mascaras does the work to create a look that pops, so you can stand out no matter where your night brings you.

What is the Best Mascara For My Lash Type by Elizabeth Mott


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